Chris Kattan Wants to Reunite with Will Ferrell for A Night at the Roxbury 2

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You can count one half of the Butabi brothers in for A Night at the Roxbury 2, but would Will Ferrell be interested in doing the potential sequel? Back in the 1990s, Ferrell and Chris Kattan popularized a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch about two dimwitted brothers who consistently bob their heads while hitting up the town and visiting nightclubs, all while listening to the Haddaway song “What Is Love.” The two starred in the feature film adaptation, A Night at the Roxbury, in 1998.

Speaking with TMZ, Kattan now says he would be up to check back in with the Butabi brothers more than two decades later. He explains that no official talks have happened at this point, but that it would be “fun” to make the sequel happen. Kattan even has some ideas for where A Night at the Roxbury 2 could go, and he shared some of those pitches as well.

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“I haven’t (talked to Will Ferrell about it), but so many people do talk to me and ask me about it. ‘Is there going to be a Night at the Roxbury 2?’ I think it would be fun, you know. I think we’d see where we are at this point. He’s probably married to Molly Shannon’s character, and I’m probably, I don’t know, in prison. My character is. And I’m trying to get out, I’m trying to get the club life back together. Clubs are obviously different now than they were then, but we’re older, and we’re trying to be amongst the younger ones. And there might be a third Roxbury guy, maybe a longlost brother, who knows? I think that might be fun. That’s just an idea.”

Kattan was then asked if he had a “message” to deliver to his old co-star Will Ferrell, and this is how he responded.

“Hi, Will! Will, let’s do it! Come on! It’ll be a blast. I think (people will love it). An excuse to have a good time. He’s so fun to work with. He’s like, the best.”

A Night at the Roxbury Wasn’t Well-Liked by 1998’s Critics But Has Found a Cult Following

One reason that A Night at the Roxbury 2 hasn’t happened so far is that the movie was not exactly welcomed by critics when it was released in 1998. The film was heavily panned and sits pretty low at Rotten Tomatoes with a 9% rotten score. However, it seems to have grown in popularity in subsequent years, developing a cult following that could potentially lead to a sequel finally happening. Kattan is clearly all for it, and if Ferrell is interested, then maybe it will come to be.

A Night at the Roxbury was written by Ferrell, Kattan, and Steve Koren. John Fortenberry directed the film. Along with Ferrell and Kattan in the lead roles, the movie also starred Molly Shannon, Dan Hedaya, Richard Grieco, Loni Anderson, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Jennifer Coolidge. Lorne Michaels produced the feature with Amy Heckerling.

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