A Simple Favor 2 Is Happening at Amazon with Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick & Paul Feig

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A Simple Favor sequel is in development from Amazon and Lionsgate, with Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, and director Paul Feig returning.

Amazon Studios and Lionsgate have announced a sequel to 2018 hit A Simple Favor, with original stars Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick reprising their roles. Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids) is returning to direct the film, with Jessica Sharzer (The L Word, Nerve) penning the screenplay.

A Simple Favor is a black comedy thriller film based on Darcey Bell’s 2017 novel of the same name. The film came out in 2018 and was a critical and commercial hit, grossing almost $100 million against its $20 million budget. Anna Kendrick starred in A Simple Favor as a widowed single mother, Stephanie, who works as a vlogger. She befriends a mysterious upper-class woman, Emily (Blake Lively), as their children attend the same elementary school. But when Emily suddenly disappears, Stephanie launches her own investigation and makes startling revelations about her new friend.

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A Simple Favor received praise for its dark humor and shocking twists and turns at every step. While A Simple Favor wrapped up its storyline satisfactorily, it did leave the door open for a sequel. Spoiler Alert! Emily goes to prison for 20 years at the end of the film, with Stephanie becoming a private detective and opening her own agency dedicated to solving cold cases.

A Simple Favor also starred Linda Cardellini, Henry Golding, Jean Smart, Rupert Friend, Andrew Rannells, and Dustin Milligan, but there is no word on their involvement in the sequel yet. Per Deadline, Paul Feig will also produce A Simple Favor 2 via Feigco Entertainment along with Laura Fischer.

Plot details and a release date for A Simple Favor 2 are being kept under wraps for now.

Paul Feig Has Called A Simple Favor The Favorite Movie He’s Ever Made

Paul Feig has been working in Hollywood for three decades and is known for helming some of the best comedy movies and TV shows like Bridesmaids, Freaks and Geeks, and Spy. He also directed several episodes of Arrested Development and The Office. However, most people now know Feig for making the polarizing Ghostbusters (2016) reboot, for which he and the rest of the cast have received unnecessary hate. Feig has since moved on from the franchise and even praised Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

While A Simple Favor was successful at the box office, Feig expected more as he regarded it as his favorite film. After A Simple Favor found success on streaming on Hulu in 2019, Feig told Decider:

“I just want more people to see it!. I’m so proud of it. In many ways, it’s my favorite movie I’ve made. I was very happy with how well we did at the box office, but I’m greedy. I always want more, and I want more people to see it. I just want them to enjoy it. I always felt like this was a movie that a lot of people were going to catch up with once it got to streaming. So I just really want people to enjoy it, and I hope they haven’t heard any spoilers.”

Feig will next direct the YA fantasy film The School for Good and Evil for Netflix. Blake Lively will also be venturing into filmmaking with the film adaptation of the graphic novel Seconds. Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) wrote the film’s screenplay. Anna Kendrick recently appeared in the Netflix sci-fi drama Stowaway and will be next seen in Mary Nighy’s thriller Alice, Darling.

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