Alaqua Cox Hints MCU Series Echo Set to Start Filming

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After being announced late last year, it looks like the Hawkeye spin-off series Echo is set to start filming on tomorrow. Starring Alaqua Cox, the series will follow Maya Lopez, who made her debut as the antagonist of the Hawkeye series that came to a conclusion in December. Lopez was the second deaf character to appear in the MCU following the introduction of Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) in Eternals, and her new series will certainly shine a light on the character who was last seen supposedly shooting Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio).

Hawkeye was another successful addition to the growing number of Disney+ MCU series, and it became the jump-off point for the rumored new series Echo. Since the announcement about the series, there has been no real details about the plot of the show, but there have been rumors that it could well be where we next see both D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Charlie Cox as Daredevil following his Spider-Man: No Way Home return. The series is written by Better Call Saul scribe Marion Dayre, and is thought to have cast Graham Greene in an unknown role and Zahn McClarnon to reprise his role as Lopez’s father in more flashback sequences.

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Cox shared an image on Instagram of a bouquet of flowers she was sent to her to celebrate her first day of production and while it does not explicitly mention the series by name, it is clear from the message that the MCU show is the subject. A card with the flowers reads, “Have a great first day of production! Break a leg, wound a knee, and take it all in! Ya’ll are making history. I wish I could be there to kick it off, but I know I’m there in spirit see you soon!.” Echo will mark the first Marvel Studios production to be led by a Deaf or Native American character, making it a pretty momentous moment.

Echo Will Continue the Grounded Side of the MCU

Over the last few years it has been clear that Marvel Studios is branching out with their various TV shows and movies, whether it’s the multiverse exploring of Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the intergalactic connotations of Guardians of the Galaxy and Eternals or the grounded reality of Hawkeye and the Defenders Saga. The latter is clearly where Echo is going to sit, and it could end up having more than a few connections to the former Netflix shows, with Maya Lopez being explicitly linked to Kingpin and, therefore, to Daredevil.

With Echo set to film on location in Atlanta, Georgia, it is expected that we will soon get to see at least a few behind the scenes images. However, with rumors circulating of a return of both Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, it is likely that Marvel will be trying to keep as tight a leash on any leaks as it possibly can. After all, they managed to get away with their Kingpin reveal for quite some time, even when D’Onofrio was being asked directly on social media if he was involved. Expect another round of denials coming soon to a Twitter feed near you.

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