And Just Like That..: Everything We Know About Season 2

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After a lot of back and forth regarding the Sex and the City’s future and the drama revolving around the cast members, the showrunner finally came out with a reboot titled And Just Like That… The show premiered in December 2021 on HBO Max and consisted of the fabulous trio, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. The original show (and the two movies it spawned) followed these women navigating through their lives in their 30s and 40s. This time, the reboot follows these women navigating their lives through their 50s.

Of course, the show isn’t as wild as the original series. And dropping sex from the title made sense this time since the show didn’t feature half (or less) as much of it compared to the original series. However, it doesn’t mean that there is any less drama, and no, we aren’t only referring to the full-frontal nudity in the finale episode.

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One character we all missed was Samatha. She was portrayed as having some sort of falling out with Carrie and now is living her life in London while missing all the fun back in New York. However, Samantha lives on through text messages and an occasional mention now and then from the women.

The show opened to mixed reviews and hasn’t fared too well on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes either. However, with the first season concluding in early February, we couldn’t help but wonder whether the reboot is set to come back with a second season or not. Will we be seeing the trio back in action and taking over New York City one more time? Here is everything we know about And Just Like That… season 2.

And Just Like That… Season 2 Confirmed

Despite the mixed reviews, And Just Like That… is set to return with its second season, as reported by Variety. “I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these vibrant, bold characters — played by these powerful, amazing actors. The fact is, we’re all thrilled. And Just like That… our Sex life is back,” Michael Patrick King, creator of the series, said in a statement.

“We have been delighted by the cultural conversation generated by these characters and their stories, set in a world we already know and love so much,” Sarah Aubrey, the head of original content at HBO Max, added. “We are proud of the work Michael Patrick King and our wonderful writers, producers, cast, and crew have done to bring these stories to the screen. We can’t wait for fans to see what’s in store for Season 2!”

“We did something that was hard to do, which is we took something familiar and did make it new — for better and for worse,” King said after wrapping up season one of the show.

And Just Like That… Season 2 Cast

In addition to Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon, the show will bring back the newcomers, including Nicole Ari Parker, Karen Pittman, Sara Ramirez, and Sarita Choudhury. We’ll most likely see all the new faces from season one in season two as well. As far as any new cast goes, there’s no word on it yet.

“I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these vibrant, bold characters — played by these powerful, amazing actors. The fact is, we’re all thrilled. And Just like That…, our Sex life is back,” Michael Patrick King said in an interview with Deadline.

Before the official announcement about the renewal was out, King and Parker revealed that they both wanted another season for this show, as reported by Variety. “Definitely, yeah,” said executive producer and the lead Sarah Jessica Parker when asked if she wanted to continue her role as Carrie Bradshaw. “Michael and I spoke two weeks ago and said, ‘Okay, when are we going to talk about this?’ Because there’s a calendar, and you don’t want to let too much time pass. There feels like there’s momentum.”

Despite the countless mentions of Samantha in the first season and even in the finale in Paris, Kim Cattrall has made it amply clear that we won’t be a part of this series. However, fans of Cattrall can watch her in Hulu’s How I Met Your Father and in the upcoming Peacock’s Queer as Folk reboot.

And Just Like That… Season 2 Premiere Date

The show’s season 2 renewal announcement happened only at the end of March. So, we are pretty sure the writers would be working on the script, finalizing the cast (probably adding new ones), and will likely start filming soon. With that in mind, we expect to see the second season dropping either at the end of this year or maybe early next year.

Either way, it’s going to be a wait till that happens. You can stream And Just Like That… season 1 on HBO Max until then.


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