Bruce Campbell Teases Something ‘Strange’ in Mysterious Social Media Post

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We all know by now that Bruce Campbell makes a cameo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but with that secret out of the bag and in cinemas, the Evil Dead star has been teasing and confusing fans with his latest post on Twitter. In the new post, Campbell seems to suggest that he has been filming something new that can be linked back to the hashtag of #Strange, which has fans speculating whether this is something related to Doctor Strange, Stranger Things or something different entirely.

Bruce Campbell has become an icon of cinema thanks in most part to his frequent appearances as Ash Williams, the man who fought the Evil Dead and pretty much lost every single time. However, he has also become known for making cameo appearances in Sam Raimi movies, and has appeared in dozens of the other movies and TV shows over the last four decades. Following his recent appearance in the Raimi directed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it was thought that Campbell’s “strange” work was done, but it seems that something else strange is afoot with the actor.

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In a mysterious Tweet, Campbell shared an image of himself on a set with cracks in the floor, being illumined by spotlights while standing surrounded by mirrors. All he said in relation to the post was, “Did something #Strange the other day.” While this gives no real idea what Campbell has been filming, the obvious speculation from fans was that he was working on something related to either Doctor Strange, or perhaps even the upcoming season of Stranger Things. However, in both cases, filming was completed on these a long while ago, and unless Campbell was shooting some kind of last minute reshoot for Stranger Things, it seems unlikely that either of these are the answer.

Could A New Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Be On The Horizon?

With fan speculation as to what Campbell’s post alludes to filling up his Twitter comments, there has been another possible meaning behind the post offered up. The TV series Ripley’s Believe it or Not made a return in 2019 with Campbell as host, and the series is certainly well known for dealing with the strange and unusual. While Campbell’s suited appearance in the image could well fit with that theory, the set, complete with its multiple mirrors and very dark setting, doesn’t quite seem to fit with the show either.

In the end, there is only going to be one way that we find out exactly what Bruce Campbell is up to, and that is when Bruce Campbell feels like sharing more information. With a tease like this, it will probably not be too long before the movie star offers up some more details on what he has been filming and until then all we can do is sit tight and wait.

Bruce Campbell is currently appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in cinemas, and also as a computer generated version of Ash Williams in the new Evil Dead: The Game, which recently sold over 500,000 copies in its first week.


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