Chris Tucker Agrees to Friday Reboot Under One Condition, Claims Comedian DC Young Fly

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It’s been 27 years, two sequels, and thousands of memes and GIF retweets since Friday fans last saw neighborhood stoner Smokey (Chris Tucker) and can’t-keep-a-job Craig (Ice Cube) together on the big screen. Besides that, five original cast members: AJ Johnson, John Witherspoon, Tiny Lister, Bernie Mac, and Reynaldo Rey have since passed away. They all helped make the cult classic that much more memorable with their comedic contributions.

Over the years, there have been countless attempts at putting out the fourth remake of Friday; all sequels were done with the hopes that Chris Tucker would finally reprise his role. While there is always a legitimate concern over something being done to death, there are also several successful franchises in Tinseltown’s studio vaults. Recently, Wild N’ Out star and comedian DC Young Fly spilled some tea with a claim that may finally be enough to bring the spat or disagreement between Ice Cube and Warner Bros. to rest.

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Chris Tucker Allegedly Wants a Son in Next Friday Sequel

During an interview with former Denver Broncos star Shannon Sharpe on his podcast, Club Shay Shay, DC Young Fly stated Chris Tucker would return for another Friday movie if the young comedian was cast as his son. The 29-year-old said apologetically:

“I ain’t supposed to say that, but I’m gonna say it anyway because we getting old, and I don’t care. Chris Tucker out his mouth told me. Told me, literally this year-sorry O.G. I’ma say it, we’re getting old, okay. He said if I play his son, he’ll be in the movie. So, if this ever reach out to anybody…get to anybody, I promise you out his mouth this is what he said to me. He said, ‘If you play my son. I’ll be in the movie.’ I swear.”

While there is no word confirming from Tucker’s camp whether this is true, nor is everyone clamoring for another sequel, there are still many fans who would find it dope to see Tucker come back. Some even suggest Cube bringing on his own son, actor O’Shea Jackson Jr., to play the part of his son. Many fans reacted favorably in wanting to see DC Young Fly playing the role of Smokey’s offspring, given the comedian’s similar energy to Tucker’s.


DC Young Fly also shared with Sharpe during his interview that he came from an “older family,” having a brother who is 66 years old. The rising star noted that age differences were so vast that he began grouping family members. DC quipped:

“Listen, man, I got granddaddies, great-niece, I’m a great uncle…I’ve been a great since I was 12.”

If what he says is true, maybe Chris Tucker is on to something.

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