David Ayer Says His Suicide Squad Cut Needs No Reshoots

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Suicide Squad was released six years ago. David Ayer’s take on the DC Comics’ task force of supervillains was met with negative reception, making the film a critical failure. However, despite the film’s story ending, the film remains highly relevant. This is primarily due to director David Ayer’s claims that the studio hampered his version of the movie due to Batman v Superman’s poor reviews.

And then, ever since Zack Snyder got his way with his version of Justice League, the Snyder Cut, the discussion around the original version of Suicide Squad gained more traction on social media. It even triggered a campaign against the studio to release the “Ayer Cut.” Now, once again, David Ayer has spoken up about his dearest project on Twitter via responding to a few tweets.

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A fan asked how different Ayer’s film is from the theatrical cut on Twitter. The question was addressed to an account dedicated to Ayer Cut, @RTAyerCutSS, while Ayer was tagged in the post. Surprisingly, the director responded to the question with a subtle statement, comparing the two cuts. He said,

Shockingly different. Apples and oranges.

On the same account, Ayer also responded to a question concerning the number of reshoots the film will require, even if he’s given the budget. Ayer was quick to confirm that his movie doesn’t need any rework.

No need for reshoots. Just some VFX work.

According to previous reports, Ayer had included Steppenwolf as the original villain in the film before the Warner Bros. execs force changed the script, thus, revitalizing the entire project. It turns out the director has even shot sequences featuring Steppenwolf. Earlier, when Zack Snyder’s Justice League got a greenlight, Snyder convinced the studio to spend on reshoots and shot five minutes of additional footage and extensive VFX work to make it whole. Turns out, the Suicide Squad‘s “Ayer Cut” is far more complete than Snyder’s Justice League ever came close to.

However, Snyder also had a lot of input on Suicide Squad, which essentially was in direct continuation of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film featured Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller reprising their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Barry Allen/The Flash. Interestingly, it was Zack who shot Miller’s cameo for the film, with Jai Courtney’s Boomerang made in the scene later on via VFX work. Confirming this, Ayer tweeted,

His team shot the Ezra plate. I shot Jai in the bank location. Viola movie magic.

The calls for Ayer Cut are increasing, but the campaign has not gained the same traction as #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. It was only after the Snyder Cut that Ayer boosted the campaign for his version of Suicide Squad making a release. Still, for now, despite being almost ready to go straight to the viewers, its future looks in vain.

Can Ayer Cut Get A Release?

The reason Snyder Cut got greenlit at Warner Bros. was the constantly growing demands for it. Fans had created a massive market for the film before Warner Bros. even considered it. When stars of the Justice League joined in, the studio saw it as the perfect opportunity to promote HBO Max. However, that hasn’t been the case for Suicide Squad. The demands to get the Ayer Cut greenlit haven’t been continuous, and the campaign has lost and gained traction on social media. Ayer himself outgrew the negative comments his film continued to receive, to which he responded with an official statement, declaring he won’t speak on the matter anymore.

In 2021, the sequel The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, was released in theaters and on HBO Max. Indeed, the film was a vast improvement from the previous movie and was a great hit. Ayer, however, has maintained that the theatrical Suicide Squad isn’t ‘his’ film. Given the sequel’s success, which was way different in terms of tone, setting, character designs, and story, it’s unlikely for Ayer’s cut to get a streaming release anytime soon.

It’s known that Warner Bros. did make extensive changes to Suicide Squad and its plans for the DC Extended Universe. The idea of alternate changes to the film’s script and forcing humor into a relatively dark and intense theme made it worse and resulted in a significant failure. Maybe, the studio isn’t interested in it, but there’s a solid reason to view what Ayer really created.


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