Amphibia: The Ribbiting End of Disney Channel’s Animated Series

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The Disney Channel and Disney XD animated series Amphibia debuted on our screens back in June 2019. The show narrates the story of a young 13-year-old girl named Anne Boonchuy. She is a Thai-American girl who gets transported magically to Amphibia, a world of anthropomorphic amphibians. Anne lives in this rural marshland full of frog-people and dangerous creatures, and with the help of a happy young frog names Sprig Plantar, she transforms into a hero and discovers her first true friendship for the first time in her life.

Anne Boonchuy is voiced by the popular 2010s Disney star Brenda Song, known for her role on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. This is the first time Song has starred in a Disney production after that show. Alongside Song, Justin Felbinger voices Sprig Plantar. The animated series also features the voices of famous artists like Bill Farmer, Amanda Leighton, Anna Akana, and Troy Baker.

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However, after three seasons, this Disney Channel animated series is coming to an end. A one-hour episode titled “All In” aired on May 7, 2022, and the final half-hour episode titled “The Hardest Thing” will air on May 14, 2022. Though the series is reaching its conclusion, show creator Matt Braly is keeping the door for a sequel open.

Amphibia’s Storyline

In this show, we saw that every child can successfully develop strong bonds and friendships with other children or classmates from the neighborhood. However, to everyone’s surprise, the very first friend of Anne turned out to be a frog! And no, she hasn’t lost her mind, if that’s what you are wondering. Anne just simply discovered an unusual box that set the entire thing in motion.

She was drawn into a world full of talking frogs, and one of them was kind to show and explain everything around her. This sweet tour guide was not only amiable and cheerful but also wasn’t exactly responsible. He always feels to be in the thick of things at every given time, even though he has no clue what that means.

Though Anne is happy with the change of scenery, she does miss the comfort of her own home. Back home, no one exactly knows where she went, and the frogs, too, cannot guide her in the correct direction. Anne, however, does not want to be sad about it and ruin everyone’s happiness. While there, she participates in competitions in the village, learns how to ride the snails, and even finds a way to be employed.

Amphibia’s Possible Sequel

When asked about whether we can expect a sequel or not, creator Matt Braly went on to say in an interview with Comicbook:

“So it is the end and it is the natural end. This is a story that has had a three-season arc planned from the very beginning, even as early as Season 1, the final dialogue in the episode was in my head and I was rolling around with it. And that’s great because everything we wrote moving forward, I knew that’s where things were heading. Now, obviously when you have a plan and you’re a meticulous longform planner, you need to be flexible and be aware that sometimes you’ll get to these narrative choke points and the characters will tell you, ‘Whoa, I’d never do that.’ You like, ‘You’re right, Marcy would never do that, let’s reorient.’ So I’ve had a structure, but it has always had a little bit of flexibility for bobbing and weaving when necessary. But I will say that the ending feels very conclusive and I hope very satisfying for viewers and fans.

I think that the way the ending is designed is to leave the possibility for maybe little adventures or little sequel stuff, or… But ultimately it really does feel like the saga of Anne and her friends is over, but that’s not to say that the show can’t live on in comic book form, as you know, we’ve got Marcy’s journal coming out, which gets into great detail about everything that was happening to Marcy when she was off camera. So those are things to look forward to. And I think that the world can always be revisited. It’s just about to make sure that if it is revisited, it doesn’t contradict our ending where the characters are, it feels like a natural earned continuation of that stuff. But for me personally, I need a break, it’s been a long time with the show and these characters. I was looking at my earliest pitch docs and the earliest one was dated 2015. So it’s been a while. I’ve got a lot more gray hairs now, I’ll tell you what.”

Based on Braly’s response, we do think that this is the end of the show, but maybe a few years down the line, we could possibly see a sequel series or movie. Of course, only time will tell that.

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