Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Trailer Will Premiere in June

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Black Adam is almost done with reshoots and is set to release in October 2022 as part of the DC Extended Universe.

The world trailer premiere of Black Adam will be on June 8, 2022. The film’s star Dwayne Johnson posted a couple of pictures on his Instagram account from the film sets, with a caption confirming the trailer’s release date. Black Adam will introduce the antihero from the DC Comics into the live-action universe in a move that, in Johnson’s own words, will change the hierarchy of power in the DC multiverse. Earlier slated to release in July 2022, the film was shifted to a later release date and other titles in the DC Films slate to allow for reshoots.

Dwayne Johnson shared a message about his experience with the character in the post, sharing how he worked on studying the mythology of Black Adam to understand the character. He also revealed that he had shot the scene of his character taking the throne, which he earlier planned on shooting as a moment to signify his character’s growth and development throughout the shooting process.

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The Throne of Black Adam. For the millions of you who know the Black Adam mythology – you understand the meaning and power of this throne. I promised myself that I wouldn’t sit on it until we shot the actual scene where Black Adam has earned his right to take his sacred place on high. His throne is a big deal. So I always just sat my big ass at the steps and did my homework. We finally filmed “the iconic moment” and what a moment it was. World Premiere of the BLACK ADAM trailer drops JUNE 8TH.

Johnson also posted another post in which he praised director Jaume Collet-Serra’s contribution to the film. He shared details of the latter’s vision for the film and their collective approach to making Black Adam a new antihero. He wrote,

Extremely productive work week of filming the final touches of BLACK ADAM. This is my second film with my director Jaume Collet-Serra. Our first collaboration was JUNGLE CRUISE, so we love taking big swings for our global audience. He always finds the heart & soul in our stories. The mana.

In 2018, we agreed to make BLACK ADAM together to create a new paradigm for the antihero. Jaume said, “Let’s make BLACK ADAM, the DIRTY HARRY of all superheroes and some supervillains.” A ruthless, unstoppable God who lives by a code to protect his family and people.

World Premiere Trailer of BLACK ADAM drops JUNE 8

Black Adam will be the next release in the DC Extended Universe and is one of the most highly anticipated films of the franchise.

Black Adam will Introduce Several New Stories to DCEU

Black Adam‘s trailer will be an iconic one to witness. It will take a dive into the history and lore of not just the titular character but also other comic-book associations of the character, including the Justice Society of America. The film is the story of Teth-Adam of Kahndaq, who was imprisoned thousands of years ago. Finally released, the antihero in the movie will work up to become the King of Kahndaq and take up the moniker of Black Adam.

Black Adam will feature the Justice Society of America trying to stop the titular character while also featuring the comic book criminal syndicate called Intergang. Black Adam’s powers are similar to Shazam’s as they come from the same source. The character eventually becomes an archenemy to Shazam in the comics, but the characters are not likely to fight off each other in DCEU. Earlier Shazam! (2019) had plans to introduce the character as the main antagonist, but plans changed for him to appear in his solo film first. Johnson has been attached to both projects as an executive producer as well.

Footage for the film was first released during the DC Fandome 2021, which gave a glimpse of its VFX and character designs. There could be some changes in the effects with reshoots that hype up the movie already. Guess the trailer will reveal better when it premieres in a few days.

Black Adam will release on October 21, 2022.


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