Fast & Furious 10 Gets Official Title as Filming Starts

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Vin Diesel has revealed that Fast & Furious 10, now called Fast X, has started rolling cameras.

Filming has officially started on Fast X, the tenth and penultimate installment of the Fast & Furious movie series. Set for a theatrical release in 2023, the film will bring back many of its major players from the franchise to help close out the series with two last movies. That includes Vin Diesel, who announced on Instagram that filming had started by posting the movie’s new title on Instagram and noting that day one of shooting had started.

Along with Diesel, other cast members expected to return include Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, John Cena, Sung Kang, Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, and Lucas Black. Some big names are also coming into the franchise to join Diesel and the others for Fast X. Captain Marvel star Brie Larson had publicly campaigned for a role in the film, and after getting Diesel’s attention, she was officially brought on board to star. The Suicide Squad standout Daniela Melchior has also joined the sequel while Aquaman star Jason Momoa will be playing the movie’s villain.

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Not everyone fans wanted to see come back was able to get involved. Vin Diesel had pleaded for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to appear in the movies following reports that the two did not get along very well on set. Johnson is certainly in a position where he does not have to do any role he doesn’t want to, and as he had no interest in working with Diesel again, the former WWE star declined the invitation. Johnson had previously appeared in the franchise and even starred in the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw alongside Jason Statham. For his part, Statham has said he hopes to return in at least one of the final two films, but it’s not clear at this time if he will get involved.

Fast X Is the Penultimate Fast & Furious Film

Director Justin Lin is also back to direct the final two movies of the series. It was previously confirmed that the eleventh movie will be the last Fast & Furious film, though it’s always possible more spinoffs could happen akin to Hobbs & Shaw. But the plan is to finish telling the main story of the franchise with two more films. As the filmmaker told Collider:

“The idea of the last chapter being two films is correct. I have to say, I’m so glad – because I think when I first entered this franchise, a sequel was not a given. You had to earn it, you know? And so to be sitting here talking to you and go, ‘Oh yeah, there’s gonna be two more movies!’ I’m like, ‘Wow.’ It means a lot. So, every day when I wake up, I’m trying to reconfigure and make sure hopefully whatever we’re talking about process wise is gonna yield the best result. But I think having one chapter in two movies is correct. That’s where I sit today.”

Fast X is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2023.

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