Margot Robbie Takes the Pink Convertible in First Look at Barbie Movie

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Warner Bros. Barbie movie has landed a July 21, 2023, release date, and the studio has also released a first look at Margot Robbie as the titular doll. The Warner Bros. CinemaCon panel brought some bits of new news on Tuesday, along with a lot of already known announcements, but for some, an early highlight was the first promotional shot of Margot Robbie’s appearance in the upcoming Barbie movie, which will open in cinemas against Chris Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

The original announcement of Warner Bros. developing a live-action Barbie movie came around two years ago. While it could instantly have been dismissed as a viable movie, as the cast and crew began to board the project that all changed very quickly. Along with Robbie and Gosling, the cast is currently fleshed out with Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Hari Nef and Will Ferrell. In addition, the movie also boasts Oscar-nominated Greta Gerwig as director and co-writer, meaning that this is certainly not going to be your standard Barbie fare.

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Last year, Robbie teased the role, saying that playing Barbie “comes with a lot of baggage … and a lot of nostalgic connections. But with that comes a lot of exciting ways to attack it. People generally hear ‘Barbie’ and think, ‘I know what that movie is going to be,’ and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, maybe I don’t.’”

Barbie Is One of Many “Toy” Movies In Development

Movie franchises based on well-known toy lines are certainly nothing new. Back in the early 80s TV shows such as He-Man and Transformers were created for the sole purpose of selling toys that the series were essentially advertisements for. Over the years, that idea was flipped on its head with big screen blockbusters being made on the back of those same toy lines years after their original popularity.

As well as the new, seemingly different take on Barbie, there has been a wave of recent announcements about toy-based movies heading down the line. These currently include a Magic 8 Ball movie, Hot Wheels, Polly Pocket, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and of course long in development franchise films such as Masters of the Universe now seeming to be more of a reality than ever before.

Whether all of these movies end up being made or some fall by the wayside, and how many of them lead to box office success is something that we can only wait and see, but one thing for certain is that none of them come with the same level of intrigue as Barbie. Can the seemingly impossible task of a unique and non-standard Barbie movie really be a global hit, or will too many people go in with expectations built on years of Barbie animations and toy adverts? Either way, Warner Bros.’ early release of a first look at Robbie in character has certainly caught the attention of the internet, but can they sustain that interest for another year?

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