Snow White Set Images Reveal First Look at Rachel Zegler as the Disney Princess

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Disney’s live-action Snow White remake has not been without controversy since it began earlier in the year. However, as new images of Rachel Zegler as the titular Princess surfaced online, there can be no complaints about how the new version of the classic tale has captured the animated costume of Snow White perfectly. Along with Zegler, the new take on Disney’s own version of the Snow White fairy tale stars Andrew Burnap and Gal Gadot as the Wicked Queen.

While Rachel Zegler seems to be just getting underway filming her role for the movie, Gal Gadot actually wrapped filming last month, posting a photo on her last day on set just short of a month ago. Like many movies these days, it looks like there is a chance that Zegler and Gadot could be appearing in the movie together without having actually met while filming.

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Having wowed audiences with her role in West Side Story, Rachel Zegler’s transition from unknown to Hollywood superstar has been a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, and although her casting as Disney’s first Princess brought with it controversy, the new images show that there could be very few better actresses to bring the fairest in the land to life.

There is currently a lot of secrecy around the latest live-action Disney remake to go into production, with very little information coming from the set despite the production being underway for a while now. That said, with other aspects of the movie, such as the inclusion of the Seven Dwarfs, also having a portion of the internet in uproar, there could be a reason why didn’t are happy to keep as much of the shoot as possible out of the public eye in order to make the film they want to without the world of social media having their say on every piece of it.

Snow White Is One of The Most Adapted Fairy Tales In Cinema History

Snow White was famously the first full length feature film to come from Walt Disney Studios, bringing the story of the young princess, seven little miners, a handsome prince and a wicked queen to life on screen in a way that had never been seen before. Since then, Snow While has been the subject of dozens of movies and TV shows, including two different iterations in 2012: Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, and Snow White and The Huntsman which featured Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

However, since the release of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, there has never been a live-action version based on that animated classic until now. Like many of Disney’s revisited movies, the film has to include some expansion to bring the runtime of the movie up to a modern, acceptable length. The original animated Snow White comes in with a runtime of 85 minutes, so we can expect the addition of more music and story to end with a new length of somewhere closer to the 2 hour mark.


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