Exclusive Clip: World War I Soldiers Plot Their Next Move in Foxhole

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Foxhole will soon be heading to the big screen, and we have an exclusive clip from the war drama to premiere ahead of its release on May 13. Featuring a unique premise, the film follows different iterations of the same characters in three separate wars over a 36-hour time period. Our exclusive clip, which you can watch below, takes place during World War I with a group of soldiers in the titular foxhole arguing over their prisoner of war.

In the film, from director Jack Fessenden, five soldiers grapple with morality and mortality in three separate wars: The American Civil War, World War I, and Iraq. The group remains trapped in a confined space in an increasingly volatile combat situation, though the war they’re fighting changes at different points in the movie. You can read the official logline for the film below.

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“The film is remarkable for its structure, which follows five soldiers stuck in a single location during three different wars, but also for its concern with classic themes of honor, sacrifice, camaraderie, and cowardice. It is infused with an aesthetic integrity as each war is tackled with a different shooting style and cinematic look. And it is a keenly observed character study that examines the shifting roles of race and gender over time against the backdrop of seemingly endless human conflict. A resonant story for a time when our nation is suffering a crisis of meaning and purpose, and democracies around the world are under siege, Foxhole asserts our shared humanity.”

Foxhole Examines Three Separate Wars

Foxhole follows a group of five soldiers through three different time periods as they grapple with questions of morality and futility in and an increasingly volatile combat situation,” director Jack Fessenden says of the film. “As time shifts, the questions they face remain the same, but answers seem further from grasp. The film depicts classic caricatures–the sage, the warrior, the coward, the protector–and seeks to empathize with each perspective, while also viewing them through the critical lens of outsiders: an African American soldier who begins as a voiceless catalyst for the film’s conflict and overtime emerges as the group’s leader, and a German soldier who faces execution. The only ‘enemy’ depicted in the film is the one that rears its ugly head in characters’ who give in to fear.”

Foxhole stars Asa Spurlock (All for One, Riding Shotgun, Stray Bullets), Motell Gyn Foster (Clickbait), Alex Hurt (Bonding), Cody Kostro (Mare of Easttown), Angus O’Brien (The Blacklist), James Le Gros (Drugstore Cowboy), Alex Breaux (When They See Us), and Andi Matichak (Blumhouse’s Halloween). It is written, directed, edited, and scored by Jack Fessenden. Larry Fessenden produced with Adam Scherr, James Felix McKenney, and Chris Ingvordsen.

Foxhole is scheduled to be released in theaters as well as on VOD and all digital platforms on May 13, 2022. Along with our clip above, you can get a further look at the film by watching the official trailer below. Find out more about the film at the official website.

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