George Miller Reflects on the Lesson He Learned from His Canceled Justice League Movie

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George Miller has had many hit movies over the years, but one that got away was Justice League: Mortal, a movie he believes he jinxed.

Mad Max co-creator George Miller is one of the many people to have failed to attempt to bring a big superhero movie to life under their belt. In Miller’s case, it was an early iteration of the Justice League, which he was meant to direct back in 2007. Entitled Justice League: Mortal, Miller was quite a way into the development of the project when it was canceled, and he has theories as to why that happened as well as an experience that he still keeps with him today.

Miller’s new movie, Three Thousand Years of Longing has been in development for a while, and during that time the director has kept the film under wraps largely due to his experience with his Justice League film and how discussing it early on in the process seemed to jinx the production before it had a real chance to develop. While discussing his new movie with Deadline, Miller explained his belief that you shouldn’t talk about a project too early in the development process. He explained:

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“Yeah, for me it does because it has happened several times. I’ve been sacked off a film — that happened with Contact and I was very enthusiastic about that. Then, we were very keen to do Justice League back around that time, and there were already photographs and publicity out, and then that fell away. I’m not saying that’s what jinxed it, but I think it’s just better to finish the film and offer it to audiences; to let them take on the story or not.”

George Miller’s Justice League Was Cast Before It Was Canceled

When George Miller was hired to direct a version of the Justice League, he was the latest in a long line to attempt to bring the superhero group to the big screen successfully. Among his cast were D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Armie Hammer as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and Adam Brody as The Flash, along with Jay Baruchel, who was to play the villain of the movie. While this is a long way from the superhero roster that eventually arrived in the Justice League movie of the DCEU, it would have been interesting to see how the movie played out against what the Justice League ended up becoming.

Justice League: Mortal was not the only movie that Miller found himself being removed from over his career. He specifically pointed out his original involvement in the Jodie Foster movie Contact, which ended up being directed by Robert Zemeckis after Warner Bros. decided Miller’s rewrite requests on the script and delays in the movie’s production were just not getting them the results they wanted.

It doesn’t seem that setbacks such as these have had too much of an impact on the director’s career, as having worked on the likes of Babe, Lorenzo’s Oil, Happy Feet and of course, the Mad Max movies, Miller’s work has earned him plenty of praise and created some iconic pieces of cinema in the process.

Three Thousand Years of Longing received its Cannes premiere on 20th May, and is set for release in theaters on August 31.


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