Idris Elba Prepares to Battle a Lion in First Poster for Survival Thriller Beast

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The Suicide Squad star Idris Elba prepares himself to battle with a hungry lion on the first poster for the upcoming survival thriller, Beast. Spotted at the CinemaCon event currently underway in Las Vegas, Elba will lead the high-concept thriller, starring as a father who must protect himself and his family from a bloodthirsty king of the jungle.

Shared to social media by Twitter user Cris Parker, the poster for Beast has Idris Elba looking as pensive and determined as ever, as he wields a rifle and a heroic look. Wearing a blood-stained shirt and standing amid the beautiful-yet-unforgiving jungle, Beast promises to provide audiences with a man versus nature outing when it hits screens later this year.

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Beast finds Idris Elba starring as Dr. Nate Samuels, a widowed husband, and father who, with his two teenage daughters, find themselves hunted by a massive rogue lion intent on proving that the savannah has but one apex predator. Samuels returns to South Africa, where he first met his wife, on a long-planned trip with their daughters to a game reserve. But what begins as a journey of healing jolts into a fearsome fight for survival when a lion, a survivor of vicious poachers who now sees all humans as the enemy, begins stalking them.

The movie should give Elba ample opportunity to brood as well as demonstrate his affinity for intense performances and action movie shenanigans. All within the delightful confines of a B-movie plot as one man must fight for his life against nature and a lion out for his blood.

Beast is directed by Baltasar Kormákur, whose previous credits include the biographical drama Adrift starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, and the real-life disaster movie Everest, starring Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington, and Keira Knightley. So, the filmmaker is clearly well-versed in telling stories about people stranded in impossible situations — something which should bode well for Beast.

Beast is based on an idea by Jaime Primak-Sullivan, the script has been written by Ryan Engle (Rampage, Non-Stop). Beast is produced by Primak-Sullivan, Kormákur, Will Packer and James Lopez. Alongside Idris Elba in the lead, Beast stars Sharlto Copley (District 9), Iyana Halley, and Leah Sava Jeffries, and, of course, a lion.

Beast is scheduled to hit theaters on August 19, 2022, by Universal.

Idris Elba Has Several Projects in the Pipeline Alongside Beast

Taking down a lion is just one of the tasks lying at the feet of much-loved actor Idris Elba. He is currently starring as the beloved video game character Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in which he unites with Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik to take down the titular hedgehog. Elba will reprise the role of Knuckles in his own serial spinoff.

As well as voicing the red echidna, Elba will soon play a Djinn (or genie) opposite Tilda Swinton in director George Miller’s fantasy romance Three Thousand Years of Longing, which is scheduled to premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival next month. Idris Elba is also due to reprise the role of antihero detective DCI John Luther in the long-awaited Luther movie.

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