James Gunn Made Changes to Thor: Love and Thunder’s Guardians of the Galaxy Scenes

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While Taika Waititi may be a god when it comes to the Thor franchise, James Gunn has an input on the new movie’s script.

When it comes to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn is essentially the bible when it comes to their movie appearances. For that reason it probably isn’t too much of a surprise that the director was asked to help out on Thor: Love and Thunder to ensure that the cosmic group’s appearance in the movie sat in line with their other appearances in the MCU. What is more, it seems that Gunn even asked for some changes to be made to the movie, and it seems that his requests were granted.

Back when the Guardians of the Galaxy made their MCU debut, there was very few connections to the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe to be considered by James Gunn, even if the movie did introduce one of the first Infinity Stones. That has changed over the years, and now as well as their third movie and a Holiday Special to come, the Guardians are going to play a big role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, and that means that some consultation was required with Gunn around the group’s dialogue.

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When asked by a fan on Twitter how much influence he had over the script for the new Thor movie, Gunn explained, “I asked for some things to be adjusted and they were adjusted.” While it is clear from this simple sentence that Marvel’s directors have a great amount of respect for each other, it is also this kind of collaborative work that has ensured the MCU has maintained the kind of the interconnecting narrative that the DCEU never quite managed to achieve.

Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Seems To Be Misleading Fans, As Expected.

Marvel Studios very rarely tell the whole story in their trailers, whether removing characters from certain scenes, filming scenes only for use in the trailer, or re-editing scenes to enable a certain amount of misdirection. This seems to be no different in the first teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. We have only seen a short teaser so far, but that set up a very different story to the one that will actually play out in the movie, including how much of an appearance the Guardians of the Galaxy will be putting in.

While the trailer implicitly suggested that the Guardians will only appear for a short time before Thor decides that he doesn’t want to travel with them anymore and wants to go his own way, that does not quite tie back to the movie’s storyline as revealed by a number of toy releases. According to some story details revealed on packaging for the new action figure range from Marvel Legends, it sounds like the Guardians will be required to aid Thor and Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor in defeating Gorr the God Butcher. This suggests that even if the Guardians do make an early exit in the film, they will be back before the final act.

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in cinemas on July 8 as one of the most eagerly awaited blockbusters of the summer.

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