Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie Hasn’t Ruled Out Arrowverse Return

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If the Batsignal ever goes back up for Javicia Leslie, you can expect Batwoman to show up. Recently, it was announced that The CW had canceled Batwoman after a three-season run, disappointing the fans who had been campaigning for a renewal. The news also came as a bummer for Leslie, who had even gotten involved with the renewal campaign that was ultimately unsuccessful.

Maybe Batwoman is over, but through the Arrowverse and various crossover specials, the possibility is always there that Leslie could return as Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman. If that opportunity comes around, Leslie is all for it, as the actress explained in a new interview with Digital Spy. After spending two seasons under the mask, Batwoman has become a part of who Leslie is as a person, and that would make it pretty easy for her to slip back into that role.

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“If my schedule allows it, I’m always down to play in Gotham. I mean, Batwoman is a part of my fibre at this point. It’s a part of my fabric. I think the most amazing part is, that was a character that we created. It’s not something I have to play into, it’s something that we created out of our own spirit and our own souls.”

At the same time, there are no guarantees that Leslie will get to play that role again, and that’s a reality that will take the actress several months to fully get accustomed to. For now, she has had to work hard to get out of Ryan Wilder’s mindset, as it has even bled into other projects Leslie has been working on.

“It will always be a part of me, regardless. It’s almost so a part of me that in this specific film I’m playing in right now, I’m like: ‘Wait, Ryan would do that. We’ve got to try something different’. They put a flannel out in my dressing room, and I’m like: ‘I can’t wear a flannel. Ryan always wears flannels. You’ve got to try something different…. If Batwoman comes back, amazing. But if not, I really have to work for the next few months to separate myself a bit from the character.”

Javicia Leslie Celebrated Making History with Batwoman

After it was official that Batwoman was canceled, Leslie took to Instagram to thank the fans for their love and support. She spoke about how the series made “HERstory” and that was something she considered to be a great honor.

“The Most High never ceases to amaze me! I was taught that words have power and we speak our life into existence,” Leslie said. “Well, I spoke this role into my life, and what an honor it has been to watch it play out exactly how it was meant to Family, this Bat Team is ours.. HERstory was made and it can never be taken.”

She added, “Going to set with such an amazing crew and cast makes work feel like play EVERY DAY! Thank you to our entire production team in Vancouver, our LA peeps that keep the stories coming, our big-wigs that believed that we could really do this, and our amazing cast that give their hearts on-screen every episode!”


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