Joe Manganiello Joins Samuel L. Jackson & Uma Thurman in The Kill Room

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Joe Manganiello is set to star alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman in the dark comedy thriller The Kill Room. The film centers on a hitman (played by Manganiello), who becomes an overnight art world sensation through a money-laundering scheme. The Kill Room marks the first collaboration between Jackson and Thurman since 2004’s Kill Bill: Volume 2. The pair recently reunited with Pulp Fiction co-star John Travolta at the 94th Academy Awards to celebrate the iconic film’s 28th anniversary and also presented the Best Actor award to Will Smith.

The Kill Room is directed by Nicol Paone (Funny or Die, Friendsgiving) from an original screenplay by Jonathan Jacobson. The film is described as a “darkly comic thriller,” and the plot synopsis (via Deadline) reads:

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“The Kill Room will chart the story of a hitman (Manganiello), his boss (Jackson) and an art dealer (Thurman) whose money-laundering scheme accidentally turns the hitman into an overnight avant-garde sensation, forcing Thurman’s character to play the art world against the underworld.”

Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, and Jon Keeyes are producing The Kill Room through their Yale Productions banner along with Anne Clements of Idiot Savant Pictures. Uma Thurman and director Nicole Paone will also serve as producers.

The Kill Room does not have a release date yet but will begin filming soon in New York and New Jersey. The film will be on sale at the Cannes film market this summer. A 2023 release seems likely for The Kill Room and featuring such an incredible cast, the film will have a lot of expectations to live up to.

Joe Manganiello Has Moved On From The DCEU But Is Open To Work With Marvel

Joe Manganiello is seemingly done with Deathstroke. The True Blood star was cast as the iconic DC villain six years ago in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. Manganiello appeared in a post-credits scene in 2017’s much-maligned Justice League. He reprised the role for another brief sequence in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but unfortunately, that’ll be the last appearance Manganiello will ever make as Deathstroke.

He has been campaigning for a Deathstroke solo movie for years and was even considered for the Suicide Squad sequel, but things didn’t pan out. Last December, Manganiello confirmed that he had moved on from the role. “No, I let that go a while ago,” he told ComingSoon. But we could see Manganiello change sides and switch to Marvel. He has previously played the bully, Flash Thompson, in Spider-Man (2002). When asked if he would reprise the role, Manganiello said he would rather play a more worthwhile character.

“It depends what [the role] consists of. With Sony doing Sinister Six, putting together their universe, the X-Men coming over to Disney, and the possibility of Secret Wars surfacing at some point in the future, I just think there are so many amazing characters in Marvel. I will say I was actually offered a part in a Marvel film a few years ago…I grew up on Marvel comics so if I was going to join the universe, I really want it to be the right role and I think sometimes you have to hold out for that right one. So, a little cameo as Flash Thompson, I’d rather do something more substantive -[play] someone who can stick around for a while.”

Joe Manganiello will next be seen in AMC’s sci-fi series Moonhaven.

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