Liam Neeson Would Be Interested in Returning for a Darkman Legacy Sequel

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Action superstar and Academy Award-nominated actor Liam Neeson would be “very interested” in returning as the gothic superhero Darkman in a sequel. Maybe. Speaking with, Neeson, who will next star in the action-thriller Memory, stated that he would be keen to see how the story of the disfigured crime fighter could be continued in a potential Darkman follow-up.

“That’s a good question. I would be very interested in reading the script. Very.”

While Neeson’s mouth says yes, his eyes suggest something slightly different in the interview. Though he would undoubtedly be genuinely interested in reading a script for a Darkman legacy sequel, Neeson shoots a look that suggests he would simply be amazed should such a project ever come to fruition.

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Released in 1990, Darkman comes from the mind of Evil Dead and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi, and was conceived after the filmmaker’s failed attempt at making a Batman or a The Shadow movie. An original creation from Raimi, Darkman stars Liam Neeson as scientist Peyton Westlake, who is left disfigured following a brutal attack. Left for dead by ruthless mobster Robert Durant (Larry Drake), Peyton receives treatment to cure his injuries, which fails, instead leaving him with super-human abilities such as advanced strength. Along with the superpowers, Peyton is also left severely mentally unstable and borderline psychotic. Consumed with vengeance, he decides to hunt down those who disfigured him using his new powers and his expertise in synthetic skin.

Darkman was met with positive reviews from critics and has since garnered a passionate following, as well as spawning its own franchise of sequels, comics, and novels. With legacy sequels now a hot property, and with Liam Neeson now a bonafide action hero, could now be the time for more Darkman?

Liam Neeson Will Next Star in Memory, Due for Release Later This Month

Liam Neeson will soon demonstrate his particular set of skills once again in the upcoming action thriller Memory. Neeson stars as Alex Lewis, an expert assassin, who refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. As is so often the case in these action movie situations, Alex quickly becomes a target.

With the crime syndicate and FBI now in hot pursuit, Alex has the skills to stay ahead, except for one thing: he is struggling with severe memory loss, affecting his every move. Alex must question his every action and whom he can ultimately trust. Memory stars Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci, Harold Torres, Taj Atwal, Ray Fearon, Ray Stevenson, Louis Mandylor, Stella Stocker, and Natalie Anderson alongside Liam Neeson.

Memory is directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro) working from a screenplay by Dario Scardapane. The movie is based on the novel De Zaak Alzheimer by Jef Geeraerts and is a remake of the Belgian movie The Alzheimer Case.

Memory is scheduled to be released on April 29, 2022, by Open Road Films. Neeson is also due to lead another action thriller, Retribution, which is expected to hit screens later this year.

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