Live-Action Masters of The Universe Movie Directors Give Filming Start Update

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Masters of The Universe fans have waited a long time for a new live-action movie based on the 80s classic cartoon series. After being given a new continuation series from Kevin Smith and a reboot series aimed at younger audiences, both at Netflix, it was no surprise that after years of failed starts, the movie finally seems to have found a home at Netflix and finally has a good chance of making it to screens. Now directors Adam and Aaron Nee, the latest to be attached to the project, have given a promising update about the filming schedule for the long-gestated project.

The original 80s cartoon series of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe told of the eternal battle between He-Man and Skeletor as they fought to gain control of Eternia. While the series itself was a toy-selling tool of the highest order, with plenty of cheap and repeated animation sequences, it became a huge phenomenon, spawning spin-off series She-Ra: Princess of Power, and a live action movie starring Dolph Lungren and Frank Langella in 1987. While the movie shifted the action to Earth and bombed on its release due to the many changes to its storyline from the original series, the film has become a true cult classic.

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Since then, there have been several series reboots, but the elusive live-action movie seemed to stall at every turn. Since 2018, the Nee Brothers seemed to be the ones who were going to finally see the project through, and despite the lead actor being changed multiple times, it now seems like everything is falling into place with Netflix acquiring the rights from Sony and Kyle Allen being cast as He-Man. While speaking to Screen Rant, Adam Nee said:

“It’s coming along great, it’ll be next year. Coming right off of Lost City was too tight, it’s such a huge beast of a movie that it needs real prep time. So we’re working on it now and working towards it starting next spring.”

The Masters of the Universe Movie Is Still A Long Way From Certain

Despite recent reports suggesting that Masters of the Universe would be filming this summer in New Mexico, it seems that there is going to be a much longer wait before cameras get rolling on the movie. While this will come as a disappointment for fans, the wait has already been so long that it hardly seems to make a difference. With only one role apparently cast and almost a year until filming begins, there is still a chance that the film could yet have further setbacks, especially if Netflix decides to start cutting budgets following their recent lost subscribers’ revelations.

However, the Nee Brothers are undoubtedly excited about the project, having already been working on it for 4 years. They previously said: “I know the fans are dying for this movie the same way we’re dying for this movie. But we have been living in Eternia for 4 years now. We love the material, it’s something that we obviously grew up with, playing with the toys and watching the cartoon, and to have the opportunity to bring that crazy, vibrant, colorful, and funny world to life is just an amazing gift. So we’re in it – we’re writing, putting a team together, looking at actors – it’s all coming together.”

In the meantime, Kevin Smith’s animated continuation of the 80s cartoon is set to arrive later this year, as is more of the second Masters of the Universe animated series also on the platform. Considering how long the franchise has been in the doldrums, the only thing Netflix could do to make the lives of He-Man fans complete would be to add the original series to their collection of Masters of the Universe offerings.

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