Loki Season 1 Director Explains Why She Isn’t Returning For Season 2

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Loki is one of just two Marvel Disney+ series that’s confirmed to be getting a second season. Production will reportedly get underway next month, and while star Tom Hiddleston says the entire cast will be back for the new season, there will be some changes behind the camera. One of those will be in the director’s chair, as Kate Herron, who directed all six episodes of season one, will not be helming Loki‘s second season. In an interview with Variety, Herron explained that even though she spoke with Marvel about coming back, she believed it was time for someone else to take a crack at Loki:

“I was on the show for like three years in total. I just felt like I poured everything into it. It’s almost like a campfire story that every filmmaker kind of brings their take and their perspective. I just felt like I have so much to this. I was like, ‘You know what, I feel like this was my effort for Loki’. I felt like having someone new and with fresh eyes – that, for me, is what will make a good season.”

Instead of Herron, the second of Loki will have the majority of its episodes directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. The pair most recently directed episodes two (“Summon the Suit”) and four (“The Tomb”) of Moon Knight, and clearly, Kevin Feige liked their work enough to give them the reigns of Loki. The other major season two change is that Michael Waldron will no longer serve as the head writer, as that role has been given to Eric Martin. Martin served as a staff writer on Loki season one, but has now been called up to plot out the full story for season two. Herron believes having fresh perspectives among Loki‘s creative team will make for a successful season of television, and it certainly helps that everyone in key roles for season two is either familiar with Loki himself, or the MCU as a whole.

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Loki‘s Second Season Will Be the Latest Chapter of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga

Since Loki is primarily focused on the multiverse, the possibilities of where season two could go are literally endless. Obviously, the series will follow up on the shocking cliffhanger of “For All Time. Always”, which saw Sylvie kill He Who Remains at the end of time. Sylvie’s actions seemingly plunged the sacred timeline into chaos and altered the TVA to the point where Mobius no longer recognized Loki. As the new statue in the TVA would suggest, Kang the Conqueror will seemingly be the big bad of season two, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether Kang will actually be joining the Loki fold.

Kang will be part of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which means Scott Lang’s next adventure may have direct ties to the second season of Loki. In addition, multiversal films that have come out since Loki season one, such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, could also connect to the new season. Many Marvel fans are still searching for the through-line of Phase Four, and while it seems to be the multiverse as a whole, connecting the dots between all the projects that deal with the concept would help provide some clarity on what the MCU’s main story is at the moment. Loki season two begins filming in a few weeks, so those connections will most likely not be revealed until mid-2023 at the earliest.


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