Made for Love Season 2: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

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Spoiler Warning: Made for Love Season 1

Season 2 of HBO Max’s Made for Love is coming sooner than expected! The dark comedy features Cristin Milioti as Hazel Green, a wife of a tech-billionaire who escapes from her marriage of ten years. Billy Magnussen plays Byron Gogol, Hazel’s husband who created the Hub, a virtual reality complex that he and Hazel have lived in for the last ten years. And Ray Romano plays Herbert Green, Hazel’s dad whom she goes to after escaping Byron but also learning that her dad’s life partner happens to be a love doll.

Adapted on a novel of the same name by Alisa Nutting, the first season of Made for Love premiered on HBO last April with rave reviews for the acting, storyline, and the series incorporating high-end virtual reality. Some have noted Made for Love being a dystopian series, but others have also pointed out the realities of what the future of tech billionaires could be like; shutting out the outside world and living in a reality that is made up but your own. What’s different about this dystopian series compared to other recent releases are the flashbacks that Milioti’s character experiences when she first meets her husband.

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Another aspect of the series that makes it different is that Hazel’s husband planted a chip into her head without Hazel knowing until she escapes the Hub. Nutting tells Variety:

“So much of the show is really peeling back the layers between public appearance and even persona within relationships. Hazel and Byron are two people who are [each] really pretending to be someone that they aren’t, even when they’re alone with one another.”

Executive Producer and season two’s showrunner Christina Lee also adds what else makes Made for Love different from other sci-fi shows that are out there. “We wanted to tell a sci-fi story through a female lens,” says Lee, who calls this series “one of the greatest creative experiences” she’s ever had. Lee continues:

“I think the big difference there with what that means, ‘using a female lens,’ is that while the sci-fi aspect of it is the backdrop and is what’s exciting about it, ultimately what this show is about is relationships and a woman’s journey in finding her identity and exploring intimacy. Those were the kinds of things that we really wanted to dig into.”

While season two comes out on April 28th on HBO Max, what can we expect from the upcoming season of Made for Love?

Where We Left Off

In the first season of Made for Love, we see Hazel living in this virtual reality bubble called the Hub with her billionaire tech husband, Byron. In the first episode, viewers get an understanding of how Hazel is living in the Hub, where everything seems crisp and perfect. There are cameras everywhere, and Hazel knows she is constantly watched to the point that even while intimate, she has to review her sexual pleasure. But once she escapes outside the Hub by climbing through a hatch, the outside world is more dystopian than anything.

As she hitches a ride to her father Herbert’s house, Hazel discovers him with a love doll that he has named Diane, who happens to also be his companion. What the first season also reveals is the flashback that is set twenty-four hours before Hazel escapes. Byron announces a new tech invention that is a chip called “Made for Love” that a couple has implanted in their brain, so they are 100% attuned to each other’s thoughts and emotions. Byron also makes the bombshell announcement that Hazel and he would be the first to get the chips implanted, which Hazel disagrees with, hence escaping that night only to discover she already has it implanted in her.

As the season progresses, we see Hazel gaining more control of herself and her life even after Byron has found her. She requests a divorce and is successful in receiving one. But after her successful freedom, Hazel learns her father is dying from cancer, and the only way to save him is to bring him back to the Hub so he can recover and receive the best care.

Who & What to Expect in Season 2

After announcing the premiere of Made for Love season two, HBO Max also released the trailer, giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect. With Milioti, Magnussen, and Romano returning, it’s revealed that Hazel and Herbert move back to the Hub so her father can recover from cancer. But since it is a virtual reality Hub, Herbert believes he is at home, and that life is normal. Hazel is still granted a divorce but is now stuck again, having to live in the Hub for twelve weeks.

We also see Byron and Hazel team up as Gogol goes through their own technology revolution uproar. Will viewers see Herbert recover? And will he find out about his cancer diagnosis? Will Hazel get back her freedom as well?

Release Date

The first two episodes of Made for Love season 2 will release on April 28, 2022, only on HBO Max.

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