Man of Steel’s General Zod Returns in The Flash Movie

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Michael Shannon was last seen as Zod in 2013’s Man of Steel, but new The Flash footage has teased his return in the DC multiverse movie.

Anything Marvel does, DC is usually not too far behind. That fact is very much the case with big-screen multiversal adventures. While the two comic book franchises have a long history of releasing similar characters only years, or in some cases months, apart, something similar has been happening in their cinematic adaptations as well, but with Marvel constantly just one step ahead. This time around, DC is trailing behind Marvel when it comes to the multiverse, but now in The Flash movie, the DCEU is looking to repeat the success of the likes of Spider-Man: No Way Home by leaning into the past of the Warner Bros. superhero catalog in ways no one ever anticipated. Along with the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman and the introduction of a new Super Girl in Sasha Calle, CinemaCon has revealed that Man of Steel’s Michael Shannon will be reprising his role as General Zod for the movie.

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By the time The Flash hits cinemas next year, it will be almost a decade since the movie was originally conceived, having since gone through numerous changes in director and a number of rewrites. While Michael Keaton’s return was made public last year, this year’s Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon surprised fans when new footage also revealed Michael Shannon appears in the movie. Of course, with Super Girl already confirmed for the film, it was clear that Ezra Miller’s titular hero would be coming into contact with several different DC characters, both past and present, and the return of Zod adds so weight to other rumors around who will show up in the movie.

The Flash is Rumored to Bring Big Things to the DCEU

While Shannon’s Zod died in Man of Steel, it is clear that there is an element of time travel and multiverse dimensions coming into play in The Flash, and that opens up many doors to other cameo roles and returnees of the past. This sits in with rumors that the film will have very brief appearances back some of the now-deceased actors who have starred in DC roles, such as Christopher Reeves’ Superman and Adam West’s Batman. While these are said to be fleeting glances as Barry Allen skips through time, it certainly seems that Warner Bros are trying to make The Flash follow a similar kind of nostalgic tour de force that Spider-Man: No Way Home pulled off at the end of 2021.

Obviously, the confirmation of someone like Zod appearing in The Flash sees many other theories and whispers begin to emerge about who else could make a small appearance in the film. So far, those theories include Henry Cavill reprising his Superman role, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, along with possible appearances by every other member of the Justice League. We know for sure that Ben Affleck will be appearing one more time in his Batman role, but like Michael Keaton’s returning superhero, there is no real idea how much of a role any of them will have to play in the plot of the movie. With The Flash still over a year away, it is going to be a while before we finally have all the answers.

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