Exclusive: Mayim Bialik is a ‘Powerhouse,’ Producer of Her Directorial Debut Says

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Actress, game show host, author, and neuroscientist are just a few of the many hats Mayim Bialik has put on to great success, and the “powerhouse” is at it again with her new movie As They Made Us. This time, Bialik makes her directorial debut with a screenplay she had also written. The film had its official release in theaters, on digital, and On Demand earlier this month.

In commemoration of the release of As They Made Us, executive producer Jonathan Benefiel opened up about his involvement with the movie in an exclusive PeraMovies News interview. He spoke about how the strong cast, which includes Diana Agron, Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, and Bialik’s Big Bang Theory co-star Simon Helberg, was a big draw for him getting involved. What sealed the day was working with Bialik and the “creative mastery” she brought to the feature.

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“Mayim is a powerhouse. She just exudes capability. Why that is, is undefinable. It’s a quality you either have or you don’t. And she has it. I really am truly thrilled for her and her success. After all, the reason we tell stories is not just to merely entertain—it’s to tell stories that we can both relate to, as well as those stories we can’t, in order to raise our collective consciousness and develop a sense of empathy for people who may not look like us, think like us, or have the same experiences we have. So, in that vein, I say the more unique creative voices we can include, the better off we’ll all be for it.”

Jonathan Benefiel Feels Viewers Will Relate to As They Made Us

Written and directed by Mayim Bialik, As They Made Us follows Abigail (Agron), a divorced mother of two struggling to find sanity in her dysfunctional family at a time when her father, Eugene (Hoffman), is diagnosed with a degenerative condition that he and his wife, Barbara (Bergen), refuse to accept. Along with her brother who’s been estranged for years (Helberg), Abigail hopes to find a way to bring the family together as they face one of their most difficult challenges yet. It’s a story that Benefiel believes will resonate with most, if not all, of the people who watch the film.

“The subject matter of Mayim’s film is a universal one. I would imagine many, if not all of us, have suffered some form of abuse, be it physical or emotional, at one time or another, at the hands of the people who are supposed to love us—myself included. And I don’t know anyone who can say their upbringing was absolutely perfect. And if you happen to be one of those people, consider yourself fortunate. Many of those who have suffered from parental abuse, in one form or another, carry those scars with them throughout their entire adult life, and it can have a devastating impact on one’s ability to function in a healthy way—particularly when it comes to relationships. That said, being a parent doesn’t exactly come with a set of instructions. And so it’s important to find forgiveness too, if possible. After all, we are all imperfect, and we’re just doing the best we can to navigate through this crazy thing we call life.”

The film also stars Justin Chu Cary, Charlie Weber, and Julian Gant. Jordan Beckerman, Ash Christian, Anne Clements, Michael Day, Jordan Yale Levine, and Mark Maxey produced the feature.

As They Made Us is now available in theaters, on digital, and On Demand.

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