Moon Knight Director Says Season 2 Would Focus on That Post-Credit Scene Reveal

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Director and executive producer Mohamed Diab has revealed that, should a second season of Moon Knight get the green light, it will center on that post-credit scene character. SPOILERS for the final moments of Moon Knight to follow. Speaking with Den of Geek, Diab revealed that they did wonder about bringing Jake Lockley, Marc Spector’s much more violent third personality, into the mix earlier. While this of course didn’t happen, Diab hopes that a second season would give audiences a lot more time with the mysterious character.

“We tried at one draft to make him more present. But I think the decision by the writers from the beginning, with Jeremy, was that we needed to focus on Mark and Steven so we could give them the time that they need on camera. When we tried Jake with them, it was overwhelming. I liked that we end with Jake, so we open the doors for a story that is probably going to be centered around Jake, in my opinion, if it happens one day.”

Focussing on the internal relationship between Marc and Steven was certainly to the series’ benefit, but no doubt fans cannot help but wonder about the presence of Jake Lockley. The third personality was hinted at throughout the first series of Moon Knight, with Marc and Steven occasionally blacking out before waking up to the aftermath of extreme violence.

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The post-credits scene then gives us our first look at Jake in the real-world. Still tethered to Khonshu, Jake is clearly willing to assist the Egyptian moon god on his quest for justice and vengeance. Despite Marc and Steven thinking that their agreement is now over. The brief scene acts as a perfect lead-in to a second season, and while Diab admits that he is being “kept in the dark” over Moon Knight’s return, he believes that both the audience and Oscar Isaac would love to come back for more.

“I have the feeling that people love the character. Oscar loves the character…I don’t want to speak for him, but I think he would love to expand on it. He told me today it’s the thing that he’s most proud of in his career.”

Continuing, Diab says that Marvel is pretty non-traditional in its approach to sequels and follow-ups. “If you succeed, it doesn’t mean you get a Season 2,” he explained. “It might be a film. It might be a partnership with another superhero. But what I know for a fact is he’s too interesting to ignore. So if I were Marvel, I would keep him and keep Layla. The two of them are super interesting.”

While Oscar Isaac has poured cold water on the prospect of a second season, it sounds like things are very much on the table. So, which would you prefer? A Moon Knight Season 2, a Moon Knight movie, or a Moon Knight team-up? Whichever it may be, expect Jake Lockley to take the spotlight.

The first season of Moon Knight is available now on Disney+.

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