Moon Knight Writer Says MCU Needs More Horror and Monsters

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While Moon Knight almost included other supernatural MCU characters, Jeremy Slater believes the more horror the better.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Moon Knight have proven that the Marvel Cinematic Universe can deal with horror within the MCU reality. According to writer Jeremy Slater, the MCU needs more horror-based characters in the future. This idea is most likely going to happen in the next few years, considering the introduction of Blade and Werewolf By Night are coming soon, and other darker characters such as Man Thing are being quietly developed.

Moon Knight introduced some dark elements to the MCU, and according to Slater, that is exactly what is needed in the Marvel world. With supernatural creatures, Kaiju-like Gods and soul-stealing demons, Moon Knight had its fair share of creatures of the night, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be more. Slater told

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“The Marvel universe needs more monsters. It needs more horror. It needs creepy shit,” he concludes. “This show is really our opportunity to start dipping our toe in the dark side of the MCU. We can be people’s introduction to the sort of things that go bump in the night. So it was never Werewolf by Night, but you’re right, that the jackals in Episode One directly came out of me pitching. I knew that that first episode was going to have that scene where he’s cornered in a bathroom by a monster and it was kind of a giant wolf creature from the very beginning.”

Werewolf by Night Was Considered Among Others for Moon Knight Cameos

Like all Marvel Studios releases, it was expected that Moon Knight would bring several cameos, MCU connections and future set-ups, but despite all of those things being considered at one point or another, Moon Knight was eventually allowed to run on its own merit, without the overbearing weight of MCU connections hanging over It and hindering the story that the writers and director wanted to tell. One such cameo that would have really hammered in a horror aspect to Moon Knight would have been the inclusion of Werewolf By Night, and this is one that was seriously considered, except he was already being developed elsewhere. Slater said:

“There weren’t discussions of doing Werewolf by Night per se, just because they had already had some plans for him, and Kevin [Feige] had an idea of how he wanted to use him, which I’m still not privy to. I’m as in the dark as you are. In my pitch, one of the images that I used was a shot of Moon Knight fighting a giant, 12-foot-tall werewolf with glowing eyes,” the writer adds. “I was like, ‘Look, yes, Moon Knight is a street-level vigilante guy. He can go up against the purse snatchers and the drug runners and everything. But he’s also a monster hunter and that’s how he was introduced,'” and that’s how he got his start.”

Moon Knight could get a second season on Disney+, as there is still much of Marc Spector’s story to tell, but for now, the series has ended on a high and brought a whole new type of hero to the MCU.

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