Moon Knight Writer Reveals Plans for Dane Whitman Cameo in MCU Series

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Moon Knight nearly featured cameos from members of the Eternals, but another character that debuted in the Chloe Zhao film almost joined the series.

Following the reveal that members of the Eternals were planned for an appearance in Moon Knight, the show’s lead writer says another MCU character that recently debuted was discussed for a cameo role. The first episode of Moon Knight opens from the perspective of Steven Grant, who works in the gift shop of London’s British Museum. The Eternals film introduces the character of Dane Whitman, who just so happens to also work at a museum in the same city, specifically the Natural History Museum. Given that both Steven and Dane live in the same place and work in similar environments, it would make sense if the two crossed paths at some point. As discussed in an interview with, Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater says there was an idea to have that meeting be shown in the series:

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“We talked about Dane Whitman a little bit just because he works in a history museum and that could be a natural interaction. My feeling was if we got Kit Harington to show up and he doesn’t suit up and he doesn’t kick ass, as a fan I’m pissed off. If I see him show up I want to see him go full Black Knight. Just seeing an interaction where he walks past and goes ‘Oh hey Steven,’ who responds ‘Oh, hey Professor Whitman!’ It felt like that would be a waste of the money it would cost Kit Harington in there.”

Dane Whitman was last seen in the closing moments of Eternals, left reeling after Arishem returned to earth and abducted Sersi right before his eyes. Prior to the Celestial’s arrival, Dane was speaking to Sersi about his family history, which leads to a post-credits scene featuring Dane and the Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade is an enchanted sword that turns its wielder into the Black Knight, a Marvel superhero who debuted in the comics back in the 1950s. As Slater mentioned, seeing Dane in Moon Knight would imply that audiences would get to see the Black Knight, but he told ComicBook that it wouldn’t have worked in the series:

“There was no space in those first two episodes to have him suit up and play Black Knight in the storyline, so we ultimately decided that it didn’t make sense to make this connection. But it was something we definitely talked about a couple days in the room.”

Where Could Dane Whitman Show Up Next?

While it would have been exciting to see the Black Knight team up with Moon Knight, there’s only so much that can be done in a six-episode series. Given the fact that Moon Knight was tasked with introducing Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Khonshu, additional side characters, and bringing Egyptian mythology as a whole into the MCU, including Kit Harington may have been a little much.

As for where Dane Whitman could show up next, the final post-credits scene of Eternals shows Dane meeting Blade, albeit a Blade that’s off-screen. It marked the official debut of Mahershala Ali as the Daywalker, which could mean Kit Harington will be factored into the upcoming Blade film. Development is underway on the project, and while a writer and director have been selected, there’s no timetable for when Blade will premiere in theaters. Before then, it’s a little unclear which other stories may include Dane Whitman, but with an actor the caliber of Harington in the role, the Black Knight is going to be an exciting inclusion into the MCU.

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