Ms. Marvel’s Iman Vellani Compares Working on the Disney+ Show and The Marvels

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Ms. Marvel is less than a month away, and Iman Vellani revealed she has had an “awesome” time filming in the MCU.

There are certain actors who spend decades building up to some of the biggest roles of their careers, but for Iman Vellani, she is starting off as big as they get by playing the titular heroine of Disney+ Ms Marvel series and reprising her role in The Marvels with other MCU stars such as Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. With Ms. Marvel set to make its premiere next month, Vellani has been talking about the differences working on a Disney+ show compared to the big screen movie that follows it.

Ms. Marvel brings Kamala Khan into the MCU storyline, a young girl who is a huge fan of Captain Marvel and has dreams of becoming a superhero herself. Thanks to an encounter with an ancient artifact, her wish is granted as she is suddenly able to project her body in strange and superhuman ways and she suddenly finds that she had to learn to deal with being more than just a normal school girl. Next year, Kamala will team up with Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau to take on a new threat to the world in Captain Marvel 2, officially titles The Marvels.

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Coming from working on a handful of short films into something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe has got to be daunting task for anyone, let alone a young actress such as Vellani, but while speaking to Empire magazine. It is clear that he has not been fazed at all and has been having a great time. She said:

“It was absolutely amazing, a completely different experience… You have the same amount of filming time almost to film a lot less content, so everything was more relaxed. And Brie and Teyonah were the most amazing support system, just to have people who have the same pains from doing stunts. We were just crying together. It’s awesome.”

Ms. Marvel’s MCU Arrival Bas Been In Development for A Long Time

While Kamala Khan will be one of the newest and youngest heroes on the Marvel block, her appearance in the MCU story has been on the cards for years. Like so many other additions to the long-term plans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ms. Marvel was first discussed by Kevin Feige and his team several years ago as was revealed recently by producer Sana Amanat.

“It was definitely years ago. There has always been buzz,” Amanat said previously. “I know Kevin [Feige] was really excited to try to bring this to life. I think at this point it’s been four or five years since we were officially going to adapt it. But it was exciting, and we were very happy to know that not only would it be adapted, but it would be adapted into a live-action series, which is what I had always hoped. I feel like this is a series because there’s so much world and community.”

Ms. Marvel will make her debut on June 8 on Disney+, while The Marvels will now hit cinemas on Jul. 28, 2023.

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