Multiverse of Madness Writer Says Clea Is a New Love Interest for Doctor Strange

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Clea has been officially revealed in Multiverse of Madness, and the movie’s writer explained why it was the right time to introduce her.

There is always a greater plan in the MCU, and for Doctor Strange that is becoming a little clearer with the introduction of Charlize Theron as Clea, the woman who in the comics becomes the wife of Stephen Strange. With the spoiler ban lifted by Marvel following the movie’s opening weekend, Theron herself posted an image celebrating her arrival in the MCU on her Instagram account, and now writer Michael Waldron has been going into a little more detail about the introduction of the surprise character in the mid-credit scene of Multiverse of Madness. If you are still looking to avoid SPOILERS, then you may want to look away now.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness promised some surprises, and as well as the introduction of a version of the Illuminati, multiple Doctor Stranges, a brilliant Evil Dead inspired cameo from Bruce Campbell and more, it was the arrival of Charlie Theron in the film’s mid-credit scene that really caught most people off-guard. While it seemed likely that the scene would be setting up another Marvel story for further down the line, the arrival of Theron’s Clea heralds a future for Strange that could ultimately lead to his death.

Speaking about the introduction of Clea in the movie, writer Michael Waldron explained to Gizmodo that the mid-credit scene allowed him to introduce the woman who will be the love of Stephen Strange’s life, and as his relationship with Christine Palmer has seemingly been resolved, it was the right time to bring Clea into the story. He said:

“We knew that we wanted to introduce Clea. She’s Strange’s great love in the comics and it was felt to me like Strange wasn’t at the point at the start of our movie where he was ready to meet the love of his life. It felt like we had to close the loop with he and Christine Palmer. And so after she gives him her wisdom to not be afraid of loving someone, then it felt like we were right to tease what could be eventually with he and Clea.”

Multiverse of Madness Introduces The Concept Of Incursions, Which Could Explain a Lot

While Multiverse of Madness has begun to lay out some of the rules of the Multiverse for future reference, the mid-credit scene doesn’t only introduce a new character with Clea, but also hits home the possibility of incursions, or moments when two universes collide and spill over. Strange has already been the cause of such incursions during Spider-Man: No Way Home’s spell that saw multiple Sony Spider-Man villains dropping into the MCU. With Loki also ending with timelines and universes wildly firing in all directions, it could also help explain in some way why the MCU’s Vulture ended up in the Sony Universe of Spider-Man characters in Morbius – something that previously seemed to be directly linked to Strange’s spell but could turn out to be just another incursion caused by the events in Loki.

While Clea has a connection to the Dark Dimension, which was seen in the original Doctor Strange, there is no telling what other dimensions she can end up leading Strange into, and where it will end. If the comics are anything to go by, this could actually be the beginning of the end of the Doctor Strange the MCU knows.

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