My Fake Boyfriend: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

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Have you ever tried to make breakfast and ended up at urgent care? Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) has. That’s why he’s taking a cooking class. When he falls for his instructor Rafi (Samer Salem), it should be smooth sailing from there, right? If only Andrew didn’t have a toxic ex-boyfriend (Marcus Rosner) and a fake social media boyfriend created by his best friends Jake (Dylan Sprouse) and Kelly (Sarah Hyland) to navigate too. Will he successfully get over his ex, break up with his fake boyfriend, and win Rafi’s heart? Only time will tell in Amazon Prime Video’s new movie My Fake Boyfriend.

Deadline announced Lonsdale, Sprouse, and Hyland’s involvement with the project in 2021. The film is part of a partnership between Lionsgate and Buzzfeed to create “socially relevant” movies. It certainly feels like it’s trying to be that, featuring the LGBTQIA+ community and releasing during Pride month. Rose Troche, known for The L Word and Black Lightning, directed while Luke Albright, Greg Boaldin, and Joe Wanjai Ross wrote the film.

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There are only a few weeks until My Fake Boyfriend hits screens. While you plan your next TED Talk, let’s break down everything you need to know about Lonsdale’s next film.

My Fake Boyfriend: The Plot

Andrew has been dumped by his ex-boyfriend Nico a total of nine times. Despite the constant on-again-off-again of their relationship, Andrew can’t seem to get over the guy. His friends Kelly and Jake are determined to make the breakup stick this time, creating Cristiano, a fake boyfriend, to prove Andrew’s moved on.

Jake plasters the new beau across social media, which only complicates Andrew’s love life further when he falls for his cooking instructor. Soon he wants to remove any trace of Cristiano from the internet but is finding it difficult to do without admitting it was all a lie to Nico, who is already catching on that something isn’t quite right. His response to the situation? He seems annoyed that Andrew isn’t on his hook anymore.

Jake is also finding some difficulties in deleting Cristiano’s social media presence. He has taken the role to heart, doing TED Talks as the new influencer. Based on the trailer, it seems like it might cause some trouble between him and Kelly. Jake has taken the character to heart, seemingly using it to live out a fantasy he can’t live in his own life.

Based on her attire throughout the trailer, Kelly seems to be a doctor or nurse, but it isn’t clear what Jake does. Is Cristiano allowing him to live out the career he’s always wanted?

My Fake Boyfriend: The Cast

Keiynan Lonsdale plays Andrew, the lead trying to sort out his love life between the perpetual ex, new fake boyfriend, and even newer love interest. Lonsdale is known for his roles in Love, Simon, The Flash, and Dance Academy. Dylan Sprouse (After We Collided) and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family, Vampire Academy) are Jake and Kelly, Andrew’s coupled friends that try to help him get over his ex for good. Nico, the ex, is portrayed by Marcus Rosner (Arrow, Once Upon a Time), while Andrew’s new love interest Rafi is played by Samer Salem (The Handmaid’s Tale, Condor).

Other cast members listed on the film’s IMDb page include Bukola Ayoka as Tasha, Tricia Black (Pretty Hard Cases) as Peyton, Matthew Finlan as Leo (Orphan: First Kill, Ezra), Rong Fu (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds) as Jessica, Andrew Meikle (Two Brothers) as Troy, Brooker Muir (Letterkenny) as Clint, Merle Newell (Feel the Beat)​​​​​​​ as Rhonda, Rachel Risen (Leap Year) as Emily, and Simon Sinn (Murder Mystery) as Bernie Jiang.

Release Date

My Fake Boyfriend will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting June 17, 2022, just in time for Pride month.

Everything Else We Know

Director Troche is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and has written and directed several queer romances before My Fake Boyfriend. Her directorial debut, Go Fish, is a black and white film focused on lesbian culture and was also released during Pride month. She’s gone on to write and direct other queer media, including The L Word, Bedrooms and Hallways, and Hunting Season.

Lonsdale has portrayed several queer characters in his career. One of his first major television roles was in the Australian series Dance Academy, where he played gay dancer Oliver “Ollie” Loyd. He went on to be Bram Greenfeld in Love, Simon, and its spin-off Love, Victor, a student that comes out in front of the rest of his peers. The Australian actor identifies as queer, not labeling himself.

In addition to acting, Lonsdale has some music available to stream. His album Rainbow Boy is currently up for the GLADD Media Award for Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist.

Are you going through your ninth break-up with someone? Maybe wait until My Fake Boyfriend hits screens before making a fake social media presence to show your ex you’re over them.


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