Netflix’s The Sandman Mega Budget Reportedly Revealed

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Netflix has been known to spend some hefty sums on their big-name blockbuster movies, such as Dwayne Johnson’s $200 million Red Notice, but new details have reportedly revealed that they have not been holding back on their TV series either. Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is by no means an easy story to adapt for television, and that is proven further by the apparent $15 million per episode that has been spent on the series.

The Sandman is one of those projects that, until recent years, seemed like an implausible story to put on screen in any format. To think of the series being done on a TV budget would be nothing short of laughable. However, it seems that in this case, that budget per episode is one that many independent films would jump at the chance to have, coming in at around $15 million per episode. Over the series, that equates to over $165 million, making it one of the most expensive series to ever be made by the platform.

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The information on the budget was reported by Deadline and came from an excerpt from the new book “Binge Times” by Dade Hayes and Dawn Chmielewski, in which the pair discuss the bidding war to bring The Sandman to screens, which saw several streaming platforms fighting to gain control of the fantasy project, and in that it was revealed that the series as a whole, costs at least $15million per episode.

Netflix Hasn’t Held Back Its Budgets, and That Could Now Be Hurting it

Netflix saw a massive surge in subscribers during the Covid pandemic when many people had a lot of spare time on their hands during lockdowns and furloughs worldwide. Even before the pandemic, Netflix was well known for pumping a lot of money into some of their projects, but many of these, such as The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and later Cowboy Bebop, would be canceled almost immediately as they were proving too costly compared to the audience numbers they were pulling in.

In the last couple of years, Netflix’s budgets, along with those of movies and shows by other streamers, have been escalating at an unprecedented rate, and there is a point where that cannot continue. For Netflix, that time seems to have come now amid a huge drop in subscriber numbers and share prices, and there are clearly going to be some serious talks going on among Netflix bosses about pulling back on the amount of money being spent on speculative series that are untested and potentially not going to attract the audiences to warrant the spend.

With reports also suggesting that the latest season of Stranger Things has cost around $30 million per episode, at least Netflix will be expecting a big return on that series, unlike The Sandman, which could still fail to attract audiences with its intricate and winding storyline and numerous characters that will be new to many viewers. Either way, we will soon know whether the gamble has paid off when the series arrives later this year.

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