Oscar Isaac’s Brother Michael Stood in Place as His Double in Moon Knight

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Moon Knight Episode 4 ended with a climactic scream for both the audience and the characters on-screen. In the climax, both Steve and Marc find themselves in two different bodies instead of sharing the same one before being confronted by Taweret, Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility. The scene put Isaac’s dual persona as separate entities next to each other. Earlier, the show had featured Isaac playing his Steven Grant and Marc Spector personas with a “man in the mirror” approach. Though we see Isaac flawlessly transitioning between the two roles in the same scene, it turns out he wasn’t the only one playing Steven or Marc during the shoot.

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In a recent interview with The Wrap, Oscar Isaac revealed that he was joined on the sets by another actor to stand in as his double for the shoot. And that actor is Michael Hernandez, Oscar’s brother and co-star from Netflix’s Triple Frontier (which also starred Ben Affleck, Garrett Hedlund, Charlie Hunnam, and Pedro Pascal). Speaking about the sequences where he portrays both identities at the same time, Isaac revealed:

You know who really was my co-star throughout this whole thing was my brother. I had my brother, Michael Hernandez, he’s an actor, as well. I had him either play Steven or Marc, depending on the scene. It’s the closest thing to me there is, is my little bro (laughs). So it was actually fantastic to have him there in my corner to be able to work with.

One of these crucial scenes came during the climax of Episode 4 of the series Moon Knight — The Tomb, where both Marc and Steven stood in different bodies instead of co-sharing space for their distinct consciences due to his mental illness.

Talking to Marvel.com, Hernandez revealed how he and Oscar pulled off filming scenes featuring Steven and Marc on the sets. He said:

If Oscar was playing Marc at the time, I would play Steven opposite of him. Then we would switch around, and he would play the Steven role and I would do the Marc role. It would involve me being on set with him doing the scenes, or an earpiece, where I would give him the lines. So depending on how they were shooting it, I would either be actually there in the scene or off-camera.

Hernandez Took No Time to Accept the Role in Moon Knight

Michael Hernandez was the first name that came up when the talks of a double started during production. Isaac advocated for Michael’s name to stand in as his double. Hernandez revealed that he was excited to join the project and took no time to agree to it when Isaac texted him about the gig. In his conversation with Marvel.com, Michael said:

I knew that he was in talks about Moon Knight for a few months and once that finally happened, it was very exciting news. I had no idea I would be brought along in any sort of capacity. About two months out from actually shooting, [Oscar] texted me. He was like, ‘Hey, so I’m going to do this show. They are asking for a double or if I know someone I want to act along with for these scenes. I thought about you.’ I was like, holy crap. Once he sent me that text, that was so exciting. I was just so stoked to join.

For Hernandez, playing Moon Knight in a double’s capacity was not just about showing up on the set. Hernandez also worked hard to gain a certain level of physical similarity with his brother. He said:

He was training and I would go train with him. I prepared mentally for this whole two-month period of just intense training and dieting to get to a certain physical level. I was so determined and focused to get it done. I was really proud of myself that I made it happen.

After that Episode 4 climax, it’s pretty much confirmed that Hernandez had a significant role to play in the remainder of the show. Given that Marc and Steven are in two different bodies, the actor-duo of brothers will have more screen time together, though we will only see Isaac’s face on-screen.

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