The Real Housewives of Dubai: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

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The Real Housewives of Dubai puts yet another spin on the classic reality show’s formula. But this time, it isn’t New Jersey or Atlanta seeing the spotlight. Executive producer Andy Cohen is taking the series to one of the highest net worth cities in the world. Unlike the show’s founding route of displaying the lackadaisical social lives of wealthy women who don’t need to work because of their wealthy husbands, this series follows a group of powerful women who personally have large landholdings and run business empires.

However, the series will not change in tone, promising to bring its viewers all of the drama they can possibly handle. After all, the lives of the super-rich still have their social debacles. They just sometimes take place on top of the Burj Khalifa. The cameras have turned their attention to these six women who moved to the “City of Gold” to live an ultra-luxe life beyond the scope of what any other city can offer them. Viewers are hoping to see these women rub elbows with celebrities and Saudi princes as the series begins in June. Hopefully, some of these social events will feature the most powerful women in the world as the 11th city to be on The Real Housewives franchise hits the screen.

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Here’s what we know about The Real Housewives of Dubai so far.

The Dubai Plot

Bravo dropped a teaser trailer last month, giving everyone a sneak preview at the series style we all know and love, but bumped up to the max with massive amounts of money and fashion that is to die for. Considering that Dubai is known by its nicknames “The City of Gold” and the “Billionaire’s Playground,” this 11th city in the Housewives franchise should be more than enough to entertain.

The official synopsis for The Real Housewives of Dubai is:

“Whether they’re dining on a mountainside overlooking a valley of 1,000 camels or hosting the wedding event of the year, these ambitious and glamorous women prove everything is more extravagant in the ‘City of Gold.’ When new group dynamics threaten long-standing friendships, tensions inevitably reach a boiling point, so if you can’t handle the heat… get out of Dubai.”

The Dubai Cast & Their Stories

The cast is composed of five new women and one we have seen before in the series Ladies of London. Bravo has a little blurb about each one released in anticipation of the show’s debut.

Nina Ali fancies herself a lifestyle content creator and goes by the moniker Lipstick Mommy on her Instagram. The account is filled with pictures of her husband Munaf and their three children living in lavishly adorned settings. She was born in Lebanon and raised in Austin, Texas, before she married and moved to Dubai. She co-founded her own company that sells fruit cakes. And despite her exorbitant wealth, Bravo tells us she still has problems as the family “must decide if life in the penthouse is worth the many sacrifices.”

Chanel Ayan is “Dubai’s first Black supermodel.” She runs a business in the fashion and beauty sector dealing in makeup and skincare products. With many irons in the fire, this mother works as a model while running her own talent agency. In this season, her character arc sounds mysterious, with Bravo using a metaphor for makeup hiding more than just wrinkles: “Chanel is confronted by demons from both her past and present, she realizes she can only hide behind couture for so long.”

Caroline Brooks is a divorced single mom who apparently still uses her ex-husband’s connections in the business world. She is of some renown in the real estate business in Dubai, earning herself the nickname “Caroline DXB.” Though Bravo provides no hints as to what the DXB stands for. She is a first-generation American, having been born in Boston to Honduran parents.

Dr. Sara Al Madani, on the other hand, is a native of the UAE and has been entrepreneurial from a young age. She earned a doctorate in business administration. She is the co-founder of companies Proposal Cupids and HalaHi while remaining director and partner of a third: Social Fish. And despite how impressive her resume is, her arc seems to revolve around finding love in a working woman’s world.

Lesa Milan moved to Dubai from Jamaica, where she won the prestigious modeling title of Miss Jamaica. A businesswoman herself, Milan is also a mother of three. She runs a maternity fashion line called Mina Roe, but according to Bravo, her character is defined by her fierce loyalty and willingness to put family first.

Caroline Stanbury is our repeat performer. Having appeared before on Bravo’s Ladies of London, Stanbury now returns to beautiful Dubai “as a luxury brand ambassador and host of the popular relationship podcast Divorced Not Dead.” The mother of three recently remarried and no less than to the former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carallo. But their age difference puts strain on their marriage,” especially around the topic of expanding their family.”

Premiere Date

The Real Housewives of Dubai premieres on Bravo on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 9 pm ET.

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