Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver to Star in Adam Sigal Dark Comedy Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose

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Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver will star in Adam Sigal’s upcoming dark comedy Nandor Fodor And The Talking Mongoose, according to Deadline. Pegg will star as the Hungarian-American psychoanalyst Nandor Fodor and Driver as his assistant Anne. Based on a true story, Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose follows Fodor and Anne as they venture to the Irving family farmhouse to discover the truth about Gef, a talking mongoose-like apparition. Filming for the supernatural tale has recently begun in Leeds.

Actors Tim Downie (The King’s Speech), Ruth Connell (Supernatural), Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones), Gary Beadle (EastEnders), and Drew Moerlin (NCIS: New Orleans) will also appear in the upcoming film. Sasha Yelaun and Dominic Burns are producing with Karl Hall and Matt Williams for Future Artists Entertainment. Legion M (a fan-owned entertainment company), Tip-Top Productions, Chelsea Newell, James Di Giacomo, Danny Bohnen, Rob McGillivray and Ben Stranahan have signed on as executive producers.

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In a statement that joined the casting announcement, writer and director Sigal addressed his thoughts on Pegg taking on the titular role of Fodor.

Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose is such a unique story that I couldn’t believe it was true. There’s nobody else other than Simon who could embody this character and take us on this insane journey,” said Sigal.

Pegg is best known for his roles in the Cornetto Trilogy movies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The Worlds End, and his role as Scotty in the recent Star Trek movies. It is rumored that he will return as Scotty to an untitled Star Trek sequel. Driver is an Academy-Award nominated actress who appeared in Good Will Hunting, Grosse Pointe Blank, Circle of Friends and Ella Enchanted, and others. She will appear in the biographical film Chevalier and Rosaline, a comedic take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The Supernatural Tale of the Talking Mongoose

The upcoming film covers the peculiar story of Gef, who haunted James Irving and his family on the Isle of Man. Gef (who hailed from Delhi, India, according to the Irvings) would occasionally throw items or yell mean-spirited phrases, the family claimed. While the family insisted that they had seen and heard Gef on many occasions, some naysayers argued that Gef was likely a hoax.

Fodor, a parapsychologist, psychoanalyst, author and journalist who was considered an authority on paranormal phenomena, stayed with the Irvings for a week in 1935 to investigate the mysterious allegations surrounding Gef.

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