Solar Opposites Season 3: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

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Get ready, Solar Opposites fans, the wait for the third season is almost over! New episodes of the Justin Roiland-created animated sci-fi hit are set to drop on Hulu this summer.

Hailing from the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites was the most-watched show on Hulu at the time of its debut in May 2020. The show revolves around a family of aliens who took refuge on Earth after the destruction of their home planet. The alien family consists of adults Korvo and Terry, their young “replicants” Yumyulack and Jesse, and infant alien The Pupa. A parallel story follows the society residing in “the Wall,” a group of humans who were shrunk and imprisoned by Yumyulack in a terrarium.

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As one of Hulu’s most well-received and highest-rated series, it makes sense that they were quick to order subsequent seasons. Now, let’s take a look at everything we know about the upcoming third season of Hulu’s Solar Opposites. What will the plot entail, and how will it continue the story from the first two seasons? Can we expect the main cast to return, and will any new faces join them? When will the season be released on Hulu?

Season 3: The Plot

As mentioned, the series’ central characters are the family of aliens who escaped from their home planet Schlorp and settled in middle America. Korvo is the lead scientist tasked with getting the family to a new home and off Earth, which he hates. His partner Terry is more fascinated with human culture, wanting to stay and experience that culture for himself. Meanwhile, the humans trapped in Yumyulack’s terrarium have their own story that runs alongside the main story. They consist of various characters, all shrunk by Yumyulack for various reasons.

At the end of season 2, fans will recall that the family was reborn as trees, which may have seemed like a nice way to wrap up the plot. However, series co-creator Mike McMahan said in an interview with Syfy that the third season may have a greater emphasis on the Wall.

“[We wanted to continue] building out the story of the Wall and we continue to do that in Season 3 into a whole new direction and a really cool way. And for the Solar Opposite side of the story, for the Solars, [we never wanted to] constrained to what we thought the show was supposed to be. The Solars are so funny and big — what are stories that can get big and crazy that can only be in this show?””I think it just happened naturally. Just the escalation of who these characters are and the comfort we have with them and the crazy s*** we wanna do. And how that’s all sort of ok in this show. As a viewer, you can buy into it all.”

It’s clear from these statements that the third season will definitely ramp up the intensity of the first two. However, until we have more concrete details confirmed, all that viewers can do at this point is wait and see.

Season 3: The Cast

No recastings or departures have been announced, so we can expect that the majority of the existing cast will be back for the third season.

Just as with Rick and Morty, Roiland himself voices the lead character of Korvo. Korvo’s partner Terry is voiced by Thomas Middleditch, best known for his roles in sitcoms such as Silicon Valley and B Positive. Yumyulack is voiced by The Goldbergs star Sean Giambrone, and Jesse is played by comedian Mary Mack.

In addition to the Schlorpian family, an impressive roster of names rounds out the captive residents of the Wall. Andy Daly portrays Tim, with Christina Hendricks as his companion in the rebellion Cherie. Alfred Molina portrays The Duke, the corrupt ruler of the wall. Sterling K. Brown plays Halk Hogem, a war hero and former executive on the Fox drama Bones. Rainn Wilson is milk farmer Steven, the former CEO of AT&T. Other residents of the Wall are played by Jimmi Simpson, Miguel Sandoval, Phil LaMarr, Tom Kenny, Jeannie Elias, and Andrew Matarazzo. Rounding out the cast is Tiffany Haddish as Aisha, the artificial intelligence of the aliens’ ship.

Audiences will have to wait and see if these existing cast members return for the third season, as well as if anyone new joins them.

Season 3: Release Date

The third season of Solar Opposites is set to release on Hulu on July 13, 2022. Like the first two seasons, all the season’s episodes will drop on the day of release. Notably, season 3 will contain twelve episodes, whereas the first two only consisted of eight each.

After the third season’s release, fans will not have to stress out about the show’s future, as it has already been renewed for a fourth season of 12 episodes.


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