Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Becomes Highest Domestic Grossing Video Game Movie

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Sonic The Hedgehog was a surprise hit in 2020, and its sequel has surpassed its domestic box office total.

When the first footage from Sonic the Hedgehog dropped in 2019, the internet was full of fans demanding the studio do something about the main character’s design. At the time, Paramount bowed to the pressure and spent a lot of money completely overhauling Sonic, and it seemed like the film was destined to be a very expensive dud. However, when the movie arrived as one of the last big releases before the pandemic hit, Sonic the Hedgehog became the highest-grossing video game movie of all time domestically. Two years later, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has passed its predecessor to take the crown.

While Sonic 2 topped $147 million at the start of this week and is still pulling in a couple of million a day, it will have passed the $149 million its predecessor ended on. There is no telling how much more the original Sonic the Hedgehog would have taken on top of that if the pandemic had not cut its run short, but then again, Sonic 2 has already potentially been slightly hindered by the tail end of the pandemic as a counterbalance. Either way, Sonic 2 may now hold the domestic record, but it isn’t likely to take over the worldwide box office title from Warcraft, which sits on $439 million.

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Ben Schwartz, the voice of the blue speedster, was quick to jump on his Twitter account to celebrate the movie’s achievement. He wrote, “[Sonic 2] has officially passed the domestic box office total of the first #Sonic film, officially making the sequel the highest domestic grossing movie based on a video game of all time. AND THIS LITTLE BLUE GUY IS STILL GOING!!! AHHHH!!!!”

The Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise is Just Getting Started

From its dubious start with those eyes in that trailer, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has completely blown away all expectations to become one of Paramount’s biggest IPs of the future. Even before Sonic 2 opened in cinemas, an announcement had been made that a third movie would be following and a new series centering on Knuckles would be heading to Paramount+.

Speaking with Discussing Film, Sonic 2 director Jeff Fowler explained that everything about the series is still just in the early stages, but he was really excited about where the franchise will go and what could be included in the future. He said:

“Oh, it’s very early with all of that [the Knuckles series]. One thing I knew after we finished the film, people are going to love this character. They’re going to love Idris playing this character and they’re going to want more of Knuckles absolutely. One of my favorite things to do prior to a movie release is to kind of see what everybody was hoping for. I mean, just the debate over who should be next and what characters should get teased next. That’s such a great discussion, it just goes to show how diverse and how many very strong options there are to choose from. Obviously, Shadow is very personal to me just from my history with the game, but there are so many great characters and it’s sometimes difficult to have a library of really great characters that all these fans are dying to see. It’s an embarrassment of riches!”

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