Stephen Root is Still Signing Red Swingline Staplers Thanks to Office Space

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Because he once played a character obsessed with his Swingline stapler, Stephen Root is still signing them to this day.

For better or for worse, Office Space remains the role Stephen Root is most associated with. While he has gone on to appear as dozens of other characters in film and television since 1999, Root is still fondly remembered for playing Milton, a meek loner growing increasingly frustrated with his job. He is particularly fond of his red Swingline stapler, devastating Milton when his boss (Gary Cole) forcefully takes it from him.

Root recently touched on Office Space for a new interview on The Rich Eisen Show. He was asked if it was true that fans would still continue to have him sign red Swingline staplers, either in person or by mailing them to him, as has been the rumor. Root confirmed that this was true, as he’s signed far more staplers than he can even count. It’s not only from the fans but from crew members on different sets that he goes to as well, with Office Space being such a popular movie both inside and out of the industry.

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“It’s so true, it’s frightening… Now, at this point in my career, there isn’t a set that I don’t go onto that doesn’t have a box of staplers ready for me to sign for the crew. They will send me staplers to sign, I will sign some of those. But I have to say, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done in my career, whenever someone stops me in the street, it’s Office Space.”

Root also reveals how there were four Swingline staplers used to film the movie. Two were destroyed during production to be used for the ending when Ron Livingston’s character finds a stapler in the burnt remains of his former office building. Only two of these actual props remain, with writer-director Mike Judge keeping hold of one and Root naturally taking the other.

“We had four of them. We burned two up in the movie. Mike took one, and I stole one. So, I have mine. I have one, on top of a butter dish, on top of my TV.”

These Days, Stephen Root Can Be Seen in the Hit HBO Series Barry

Stephen Root is working frequently with many roles where you can catch the actor on the big and small screens. One of his more acclaimed recent roles is on the hit HBO series Barry alongside Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. His role on the series earned the veteran actor a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

Meanwhile, Root might be teaming back up with Mike Judge for a King of the Hill revival. Root previously voiced Bill Dauterive and other characters on the original series and it is presumed he would return for the reboot that’s reportedly in the works. Root also appears in an episode of the Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett with his other recent TV roles including Succession, Blindspotting, and Blade Runner: Black Lotus. His recent film work includes Queenpins, The Tragedy of Macbeth, and To Leslie.

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