The Batman Car Chase Sequence is Released Online

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The scene was one of the crucial scenes in the film and its filming and production will be decoded in the Blu-ray special features.

HBO Max has released another clip from the film The Batman after its streaming debut. While the channel released the opening ten minutes of the film earlier, this time, viewers can watch the enticing car chase scene featuring the new Batmobile that the caped crusader drives while chasing Penguin after raiding his drops unit.

The sequence is one of the best moments from The Batman filled with both camera shots and digitally added elements in the post-production CGI. The scene begins right after Penguin discovers that Batman has infiltrated his unit of drops, where Selina just found Annika’s body. As Batman revives the engine of his armored vehicle, Penguin and his goons try to make a run, only to be followed by the Bat. As both Batman and Penguin drive crazily through the streets of Gotham, with their visions blurred by the rain, we witness an adrenaline-filled sequence that Reeves and cinematographer Greig Fraser perfectly pulled off.

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The sequence released online covers the full five minutes of that chase, ending in Batman apprehending Penguin for interrogation. You can watch the whole sequence here:

Batmobile is a Crucial Element of The Batman Lore

For years, Batmobile has been a crucial aspect of Batman’s crusade as a vigilante. And with every live-action portrayal of the character, the Batmobile has changed in design and attributes. While the early iterations of the same in Tim Burton’s films, Batmobile went after the classic comic book designs – large, glossy black, and stylish cars that everyone would look at like an incredible wonder. Years later, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy portrayed Batmobile as a tank-like vehicle designed as a prototype for the military. It was a massive vehicle with guns and blasters fitted into it with a detachable Batpod.

But with The Batman, Matt Reeves took a whole new approach to Batmobile’s design. This Batmobile is designed by Bruce Wayne himself. The prequel novel to the film, Before The Batman establishes Bruce Wayne as a gearhead who experiments with car designs so that he can participate in street races. Even in the film, certain camera shots filmed in the Batcave feature some mechanic equipment at Bruce’s disposal, hinting at his skills as a mechanic and car enthusiast. The design seems like a classic Chevrolet Camaro (isn’t exactly like it); its back is fitted with a booster engine; while its frame is armored to defend the driver from bullets.

The design in The Batman reflects Bruce’s personality and his traits. He is a Batman in making not just psychologically but resource-wise as well, shaping up his arsenal per his needs. While he has been drifting on the Batcycle for the past two years, the film makes us believe that the car chase was Batman’s first rodeo with his car, which he has been modifying per his needs as a vigilante. The car chase sequence will be explored further in detail as a Blu-ray special feature that will come with the film’s DVD, slated to release in May 2022.

The Batman is currently available to stream on HBO Max since its debut on the platform on April 18.

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