The Batman Makes Strong Impression With HBO Max Debut

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The Batman has already proved to be a big hit with cinema audiences, and now the highest-grossing movie of the year is making an impact on HBO Max. Having arrived in cinemas in early March with an exclusive window of 45 days, the Matt Reeves-directed grounded movie made its streaming debut on April 18 on HBO Max and has landed with the significant impact you would expect from such a hyped film. Figures released by media measuring company Samba TV has now given an indication of just how many people turned on to The Batman on its arrival.

With Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight being a completely different take on the Gotham hero, there has been a lot of praise heaped on the gritty detective story, but also some who just were not feeling the fantasy-free version of Batman. Even Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy had some dark fantasy elements and Christian Bale’s Batman still came with fantastical elements about him. Matt Reeves’ vision is grim, noir and dramatic, but in no way leans into the more comic book elements associated with modern Batman movies.

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According to Samba TV’s data, which is based on a set number of smart TV households viewing habits, 720.000 households in the U.S. streamed at least five minutes of The Batman on its HBO Max premiere date. While there is no direct comparison to other DC projects, the numbers are quite impressive when put up alongside some of the most recent DC projects to release on HBO. In March last year, Zack Snyder’s Justice League pulled in 1.8 million viewers over its first three days, while Wonder Woman 1984 debuted with a three-day viewership of 2.2 million, and last summer’s release of The Suicide Squad simultaneously with its cinematic debut, managed 2.8 million. Of course, none of those movies had the kind of box office success that The Batman has enjoyed, making it quite hard to judge them all under the same parameters.

The Batman’s HBO Max Debut is the Benchmark for This Year’s Releases

Now that movies are pretty much all being scheduled for cinematic releases where they are expected, The Batman has become one of the first post-pandemic-shutdown movies to actually give an indication of what kind of volumes streaming platforms like HBO Max can expect after a film’s 45-day window. With several other big movies heading down the same route this summer, the performance of The Batman is probably a good indication of what Warner Bros can expect from the rest of their DC movies, and The Batman spin-offs planned by Warner Bros.

In the not too distant future, HBO Max will see the arrival of a series focusing on Colin Farrell’s Penguin and on Arkham Asylum, both of which will bring more viewers into Matt Reeves’ Batman world. The performance of The Batman will give Warner Bros. reassurance that they are on the right track to making their non-DCEU universe one of their biggest assets.

Additonally, Black Adam will hit theaters this October, bringing Dwayne Johnson’s “game-changing” character to screens, Shazam! Fury of the Gods will follow at the end of the year and of course, there is still a belief that Batgirl’s HBO Max exclusive will premiere on the platform this year. Beyond that, 2023 is also going to be packed with comic book movies that will enjoy a shorter theatrical window before making their streaming debut with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Flash and Blue Beetle all lined up to bolster HBO Max’s viewer numbers over the next year.

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