The Batman Double’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League First Week Viewership on HBO Max

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The Batman continues to reign supreme on HBO Max, pulling in huge first week viewership on the streaming platform.

It is not unfair to say more than a few people were quite eager to see Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, and they had their chance when the 4-hour epic finally debuted on HBO Max last year. While it was reported that the film was indeed a big draw to the streaming platform, it is only now that we are finding out how big and only because Warner Bros. seems to want it known that The Batman has absolutely smashed Justice League’s viewer numbers for its first week on release.

According to Deadline, viewership for the two movies has been released to show a direct comparison between the two superhero offerings from Warner Bros. With Zack Snyder’s Justice League having a long history of being demanded by the fans, it turns out that over 2.2 million households tuned in to watch Snyder’s mammoth cut of the DCEU collaboration movie. While this seems to be not too shabby at all, and indeed sits in line with the previous year’s release of Wonder Woman 1984, which was also put out on HBO Max exclusively due to the Covid pandemic, they both pale in comparison to The Batman’s reported viewer numbers of 4.1 million households in the same time period.

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What makes it even more impressive is that The Batman has already had a very successful 45-day theatrical window, whereas both Justice League and WW84 landed as HBO Max exclusives and still could only attract half the volume of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s new take on the Dark Knight. Considering how much Warner Bros. has invested in The Batman, with two spin-offs and a sequel already in development before the movie hit cinemas, these numbers may show the DCEU to be coming up short in comparison but prove that the risk of a back to basics Batman franchise are paying off in a big way.

Warner Bros. Has Been Quickly Expanding Their HBO Max Output

While theatrical releases are now once again a priority for the big studios like Warner Bros., that does not mean they are about to pull the plug on their charge to bring a lot more content to their streaming platforms. With Netflix’s recent woes showing that streaming platforms are old profitable if they provide their subscribers with plenty of quality content to keep them paying a monthly fee, studios are now trying to work out how best to keep viewers interested. For Warner Bros. a large part of that is going to come down to their DC content.

With all-new DCEU movie releases set to arrive on HBO Max after a 45-day theatrical window for the foreseeable future, the studio is backing this up with releases like Batgirl, Peacemaker and other The Suicide Squad spin-offs set to arrive in the next year or so to build an interest in their DC comics output that has not quite been as high as it perhaps should have been thanks to the disjointed beast the DCEU has become. With The Batman easily becoming the highest DC project to hit HBO Max, maybe they have proven that they don’t need to rely on an interconnected universe to attract big viewer numbers.

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