The Bob’s Burgers Movie Writers Address Possible Sequel

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If the wants want it badly enough to support the first film, there could very well be a sequel to The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Debuting in theaters on May 27, the new film is a feature-length adaptation of the animated series Bob’s Burgers. Loren Bouchard, who created the original series, co-directed the feature with Bernard Derriman. Bouchard also co-wrote the screenplay with Nora Smith, who has been working on the series since season 1. The three opened up about the film in a new interview with Variety.

For the fans who catch the new film and enjoy it, there may be some desire to bring the Belcher family back to the big screen some day with a follow-up movie. Smith admits that she has already been brainstorming ideas that could be used for a potential sequel, noting how a lot of that comes from tossed gags and storylines that didn’t make it into The Bob’s Burgers Movie. At the same time, Smith also says that they haven’t gotten too far with their planning, as they first need to have the perfect concept in mind that gets them excited enough to get to work. Even then, they still need 20th Century Studios to give them the offer.

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“I’ve percolated thoughts, but I don’t know if my percolations mean much. When we were making this movie, all the stuff we couldn’t put into this one, because it didn’t fit this story, we were like, ‘Oh, maybe we’ll do it in the sequel.’ So we already have areas we’re thinking about, but A: they have to ask us to. And B: we wouldn’t do it unless we knew that we had a really exciting, solid story that needed to be told.”

Bouchard was a bit more optimistic, clearly open about the desire to do another film. There is admittedly nothing specific that can be divulged at this time about The Bob’s Burgers Movie Part 2, but Bouchard says that the Bob’s Burgers team will most likely write the screenplay for the potential film at some point even if it never gets made.

“We would love to make another movie. It was really fun, and so of course, you can’t help starting to think, what would it be? I have nothing to tease, we have no answers, but yeah, you start thinking about it. Even if they said we couldn’t, we’d probably write one anyway.”

The Bob’s Burgers Movie Raises the Stakes

While, in some ways, the feature film will feel like a longer version of a Bob’s Burgers episode, there are some key differences. It was important for the filmmakers to raise the stakes for the feature film. They knew early on they wanted to include a murder mystery aspect while also pose the possibility of losing the titular burger joint.

“We really wanted to go at the question, what does it look like when they face the possible failure of the restaurant? What if you actually hear Bob say, ‘We’re not gonna make it?’ What does that look like? And we treated it as real as possible. So we raised the stakes in terms of this murder mystery and there’s life and death stakes, but there’s also the possibility that this restaurant might fail for real. And then on top of that, in terms of stakes, you want each of the characters to have what makes them be threatened.”

The Bob’s Burgers Movie, which has been a hit with critics, is now playing in movie theaters.


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