The Boys Season 3 Has ‘Craziest Opening 15 Minutes Ever Seen,’ Showrunner Says

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The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has been teasing what fans can expect in the new season, and it sounds like it is going to be insane.

It looks like the return of The Boys to Amazon Prime Video this summer is going to be well worth the wait, as showrunner Eric Kripke promises the “craziest 15 minutes ever seen” will open the third season. It is not unfair to say that The Boys has already pushed taste and decency to the limits with its previous seasons, but it looks like fans are going to get all the gory and depraved antics they hoped for when the new episodes begin to air in just over a week.

Eric Kripke doesn’t want to give away too much about what we can expect to see in the new season, but even with a bunch of character arrivals already well-publicized, there have to be some surprises held back. However, in an interview with SFX Magazine, Kripke did have this to say:

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“One tease I can say is, in the first 15 minutes of episode one we have not just the craziest sequence we have ever done, but the craziest sequence pretty much anybody has ever done. It’s so jaw-droppingly insane. It’s so much fun. It’s the best job I have ever had, to think about this stuff. It’s always the frosting on the cake. If we are spending three weeks to break an episode, we spend two-and-a-half banging down on character, plot and emotion. Then, only when all the painful work is done, we take a break – it’s almost like a wine spritzer – and take a couple of days to say, ‘Now, let’s all think of the craziest sh*t we can to lay in on top of the hard work we had already done.'”

The Boys Will Push More Boundaries in Season 3

While it takes a strong stomach to watch what The Boys has delivered so far, that is not about to be dumbed down in season 3. In fact, as it adapts the infamous “Herogasm” storyline, if anything the new season is simply turning the dial up another notch. Kripke said:

“It’s a massive orgy and a hilarious, weird setting for the show. It’s infamous among fans of The Boys. One thing we managed is to get several genuinely emotional, heartbreaking scenes in that orgy. If there is anything that The Boys does well, we can break your heart in the middle of an orgy!”

For anyone who doubts just how insane the “Herogasm” scenes are going to get, Jensen Ackles, who joins the show this year as Soldier Boy, previously spoke about how filming the scenes left a lot of the crew, including the director, looking a little traumatized by the whole thing. He said:

“I know I was just kind of very curious as to how that was going to work. And even the director was like ‘I don’t know what I’m shooting anymore.’ Our crew looked traumatized.”

There isn’t much time to wait until fans of the show get to see what that has all led to, as the new season of The Boys begins on Amazon Prime Video on June 3. All other episodes of the series to date are available to watch now.


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