The Crow Reboot Set to Start Filming in Europe This Summer

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A reboot of The Crow has been one of those projects that seems destined never to happen. The 1994 cult hit has been through several reboot attempts since plans were first floated back in 2008. After seeing names like Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and James McAvoy mentioned in relation to the role of Eric Draven, the ill-fated role played by Brandon Lee in the original movie, the latest iteration seems, after many years and names, to have secured Bill Skarsgard as its lead, and according to Deadline, will start filming this summer.

While another Skarsgard, Alexander, was once said to be attached to the project in one of its early attempts, it was announced last month that Bill Skarsgard had signed up for the role, and FKA Twigs will appear as Draven’s fiancee, with the movie set to be directed by Rupert Sanders. In the latest report, it has been confirmed that filming will begin in various European locations in June this year. To have made it to this point is far beyond what previous reboot attempts have managed, and as one of a slew of other long-in-development 90s remakes and reboots, it seems to have just taken flight at the right time.

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Of course, there is a dedicated fan base around The Crow, as would be expected of a movie that saw its star killed during filming. For that reason, the announcement of any kind of remake has always come with a certain amount of backlash from fans, and the announcement of Bill Skarsgard’s casting was no exception. While many have been happy to note that Skarsgard is a great actor, they really just don’t want anyone taking over the role originally portrayed by Brandon Lee.

The Crow’s Cult Status Was Elevated Due to the Tragic Death of Brandon Lee

The Crow is based on a graphic novel of the same name by James O’Barr, and tells the story of a murdered musician who returns from the dead to avenge his death and that of his fiancée. The story itself is not incredibly unique, and the original 1994 movie may well not have become as well known as it has over the years if not for the tragic death of Brandon Lee on set.

In an accident that was similar in many ways to that which recently occurred on the set of the Alec Baldwin movie Rust, Lee was shot when checks on a gun containing rounds were not completed, and a dummy bullet lodged in the barrel of the revolver being used was shot at Lee, hitting him in the abdomen and leading to his death. The movie was completed using Lee’s stunt double, and some scenes were re-written to allow the crew to be able to complete the movie. It was not an instant box office smash, but over time, it ended up taking $94 million to make it a reasonable hit, which led to several straight-to-video sequels based around the characters of the movie.

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