The Floor is Lava is Back with Bigger Stakes and a Volcano!

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Finally, some quality television is coming back to Netflix. No, not Stranger Things, I’m talking about Floor Is Lava! The bizarre yet energetic reality show is back for a second season and, judging from the trailer below, promises more thrills and bigger stakes. We can also expect a volcano!

Floor is Lava was created by Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal, hosted by Rutledge Wood (Top Gear). The show takes teams and pits them against an obstacle course of various themed platforms with a floor made to replicate lava. It’s like the game we all played as kids but with the energy cranked up to a thousand! The show manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with both laughs and tension, whenever a contestant falls into the lava, you don’t actually see them come back up for air! Their teammates are also encouraged to scream in anguish as they watch their friends or family members falling to their doom like Gollum at the end of Return of the King. This results in a viewing experience that actually manages to keep the childhood whimsy of the game alive!

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One of the fun details of the show is that every room is themed. Last season involved several throwbacks to Indiana Jones and Night at the Museum with rooms designed to look like they were out of a museum or jungle trap. Each obstacle course features non-linear paths to get to the safety of the exit room, with many of the platforms either featuring secrets or will fall after a team member leaps off, leaving the remaining teammates to resort to finding another path. None of the contestants use safety equipment of any kind in order to keep from breaking the immersion, but each prop and object is built to specifically withstand the abuse of having grown adults climbing all over them like spider-monkeys without harming themselves. The winners would receive a $10,000 prize and a trophy in the form of a lava lamp!

“Use Your Muscles That You Worked So Hard For!”

Season one of Floor is Lava premiered in June of 2020. At the time, the world was scared and quarantined in their houses. So a show about people jumping from various replicas of the planets was not only a relief to the world, but a reason to laugh as well. The show was a hit with audiences and critics alike, who welcomed the extreme silliness and fun premise.

Now, Floor is Lava is back for another go. Judging from the trailer, there are all new rooms for contestants to cling for dear life in. From the looks of it the central theme is switching from a museum to a house! From the clips we are getting a game room, an attic, a garage, and the outside of a house where the volcano will reside! The volcano itself looks both gorgeous and terrifying, as it spews globs of slimy lava, which will certainly hinder any contestant’s chance of reaching the top and winning the grand prize!

The second season of Floor is Lava will consist of five 30-minute episodes and will be premiering on June 3rd, 2022, on Netflix!

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