The Munsters Set Video Reveals New Footage of Herman and Lily

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Filming on The Munsters continues to chug along, and director Rob Zombie has unveiled some new footage from behind the scenes providing a new sneak peek at Lily Munster (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips). Straight from the set in Budapest, which was constructed from scratch for maximum authenticity, the footage has been applied with a filter to give it that old-school home movie vibe. You can check out the post below.

“A quick clip of Lily and Herman out in the cemetery getting a few touch ups before jumping back into the laughs. Always got to keep those Munsters looking freshly undead,” Zombie says in the caption, crediting the music used in the video to Zeuss.

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In the video, Zombie is having the finishing touches applied to her Lily makeup. Meanwhile, Phillips can be seen getting into Herman mode, reaching for the camera with his best Frankenstein’s monster face. Fans may also observe a statue located outside of the Munster home that looks to be modeled after Grandpa, played in the film by Dan Roebuck.

“Love this so much. Wish I could figure out a way to get that Statue Home!” Roebuck writes in the comments section.

Phillips also said, “Another night working the graveyard shift! Spooky times!”

The Munsters Will Be Rob Zombie’s First PG-Rated Film

Rob Zombie is well known for his ultra-violent horror movies, and many fans of The Munsters were concerned that the filmmaker’s vision for the family-friendly monster family would be drastically different from the original series. That will not be the case, as Zombie has designed The Munsters to be his first movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In the vein of the original sitcom, it has been rated PG, as Zombie has long professed himself to be a huge fan of The Munsters and wants the reboot to be as faithful as possible.

“There’s not a better person in Hollywood, or anywhere else on the planet, who should be making The Munsters movie other than Rob Zombie,” Dan Roebuck said of the reboot, via Horror Geek Life. “It’s gone through the hands of so many other people and I know Rob wasn’t just looking for something to attach his coattails to. He’s a huge fan of it and being a life-long fan approaching this material it really is as good as it gets.”

Adding that the cast will still have their own unique takes on the classic characters, Roebuck added, “Let me put it like this, Jeff, Sheri and I are not playing Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, or Al Lewis. We are playing Herman, Lily, and The Count, which is an easier way for us to approach it.”

The Munsters is rated PG and is expected to be released sometime in 2022. There were rumors that it would have a day-and-date release by premiering simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock, but newer rumors suggest the film may have been sold to Netflix for an exclusive streaming release. Let’s hope an official release date is soon to come.


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