The Munsters Reboot Introduces Tomas Boykin as Lily’s Werewolf Brother

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Another day, another new addition to The Munsters. On Instagram, writer-director Rob Zombie has unveiled another new photo from the upcoming reboot, this time revealing the latest character to be included. Tomas Boykin, who previously worked with Zombie on 3 From Hell and whose other work includes Lazarus Rising and How to Get Away with Murder, will be playing Lester Dracula, brother to Sheri Moon Zombie’s Lily Munster. Or, as the children call him, Uncle Lester. You can look at Boykin as the new Lester below.

“CASTING NEWS! Straight from the set of The Munsters in beautiful downtown Budapest I give Lily’s werewolf brother LESTER as played by TOMAS BOYKIN,” Zombie says in the caption. “I am sure many of you may recognize Tomas from his appearance in 3 From Hell as Derek Zoom, a vocal Spaulding supporter. Get ready for Lester. He’s gonna make you howl with laughter.”

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In the comments, Grandpa Munster actor Dan Roebuck added, “Tomas was a great addition to the cast. Audiences will love this character whose roots go back to the original series!”

As Roebuck suggests, Lester is not an original creation made by Zombie for the reboot, but another character who originally appeared in the classic sitcom. He appeared in the classic episode “Herman’s Rival” where Herman (Fred Guinn) lends his life savings to Lily’s (Yvonne De Carlo) brother, a werewolf named Lester. That version of Lester was played by Irwin Charone (Here’s Lucy).

The Munsters Cast Will Add Something New While Honoring the Original

While there are many characters who appeared in the original series, fans should not expect anyone in the film to be a replica of the original versions. The cast will be paying tribute to the classic sitcom version of The Munsters while still adding something unique. Dan Roebuck has addressed how fans need to anticipate something new with the reboot even if the recreated set and other aspects are very, very familiar. As the actor previously told Horror Geek Life:

“Let me put it like this, Jeff, Sheri and I are not playing Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, or Al Lewis. We are playing Herman, Lily, and The Count, which is an easier way for us to approach it. Al Lewis was a brilliant comedian but what was unique with Al is that he played Grandpa throughout his whole life. He would play various iterations of the character in different films and shows consistently, and that’s just where his life took him.”

Jeff Daniel Phillips also stars as Herman Munster alongside Roebuck’s Grandpa and Sheri Moon Zombie’s Lily. Also featured in the film are Richard Brake as the mad scientist Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, Jorge Garcia as Floop, Catherine Schell as Zoya Krupp, Jeremy Wheeler as Mr. Gateman, and Dee Wallace as the voice of “Good Morning Transylvania.”

The Munsters movie does not yet have an official release date but is expected to arrive in theaters and on Peacock sometime in 2022.

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