Exclusive Clip: A Man with Autism Falls for a Prostitute in The Sound of Violet

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The Sound of Violet is hitting United States theaters this weekend, and ahead of the premiere, we have an exclusive clip from the film to debut. In the film, a man meets a woman whom he believes to be his soulmate, but his autism keeps him from realizing she’s actually a prostitute looking for a ticket out of her trapped life. You can check out our clip below.

Allen Wolf served as both writer and director of The Sound of Violet. Wolf also produced the film, which is presented by Morning Star Pictures. It stars Cason Thomas, Cora Cleary, Jan D’Arcy, Kaelon Christopher, and Michael E. Bell. You can read the official synopsis for The Sound of Violet below.

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“Desperate to find a wife, Shawn (Thomas) goes on one awkward date after another until he meets the captivating Violet (Cleary). He thinks she might be his soulmate, but his autism and trusting nature keep him from realizing she’s actually a prostitute. Violet realizes something is different about Shawn, and it’s not just because he has a condition that allows him to “hear” colors. As they grow closer, Shawn thinks he’s found a potential wife, while Violet thinks she’s found her golden ticket out of her trapped life.”

Allen Wolf Wants to Raise Awareness for Human Trafficking

“A conversation with a friend about the challenges of dating in Los Angeles when I was single inspired me to write The Sound of Violet,” writer-director Allen Wolf explains in a statement. “Dating had been a bewildering experience for me before I met my wife. I was often naive and overly trusting. I built those qualities into the character of Shawn and loved the idea of him unknowingly starting a relationship with a prostitute. I thought that would set up a compelling journey wiht a lot of conflict, humor, and drama.”

He added, “As I researched and talked to organizations that fight trafficking, I discovered the reality that women in prostitution are most often victims and being trafficked. This realization dramatically changed the way I portrayed Violet and altered the story. It also gave me a passion for spreading awareness about this growing issue.”

Wolf also put in a lot of research to ensure an accurate portrayal of autism in the film. He had hired a consultant whose husband is autistic and spoke with neurodiverse people to ensure the character was authentic. The hope was that depicting Shawn this way would help serve as an inspiration to others, even if everyone is unique.

“I knew Shawn’s character couldn’t represent all autistic people since each person has unique qualities, struggles, and characteristics,” said Wolf, who originally told this story the original novel. “But I hoped that Shawn’s nobility and courage would inspire readers. After my novel’s debut, I was thrilled by the response, which encouraged me to turn the story into a film.”

The Sound of Violet will be released in U.S. theaters on April 29, 2022. You can watch the full trailer for the movie below.

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