Top Gun: Maverick Reviews Call it the Best Legacy Sequel Ever Made

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After nearly 40 years, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is slipping back into the cockpit of a fighter jet for legacy sequel Top Gun: Maverick. The reviews for the long, long-awaited follow-up are now in, and it sounds like Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski have created a blockbuster masterpiece, as well as reigniting the love for cinema and movie stars.

We begin with Ian Freer of Empire Magazine, who awarded Top Gun: Maverick a perfect score of 5/5 and praised the legacy sequel’s approach to the franchise all these years later.

“Avoiding the danger zone of mere retread, Kosinski and co deliver all the Top Gun feels and then some: slick visuals, crew camaraderie, thrilling aerial action, a surprising emotional wallop and, in Tom Cruise, a magnetic movie-star performance as comforting as an old leather jacket. Punching the air is mandatory.”

The overwhelming positivity continues with Joblo’s Chris Bumbray, who gave the movie an incredibly impressive 9/10 and described Top Gun: Maverick as “a thrill ride of the highest order” that is guaranteed to please fans of the original.

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“As a lifelong Top Gun fan, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll be seeing this at least one more time on the big screen, and if you care about the spectacle of cinema, this is a must-watch.”

Ross Bonaime of Collider awarded the movie with a perfect ‘A’ grade, saying the movie “absolutely deserves all the massive praise” it can get. He aimed cheers and applause at Tom Cruise, whose performance he calls “one of his best,” even stating that Top Gun: Maverick “improves upon the original.”

“It’s also hard not to say this might have some of the most exciting action scenes to ever hit the skies, and gives Cruise one of his best performances by returning to the role that made him a star. Top Gun: Maverick is a marvel of a film, one that will truly take your breath away.”

According to critics, Top Gun: Maverick is not just the return of the 1980s franchise, it is also a warm reminder of old school blockbuster movie-making. Variety’s Peter Debruge commends the movie for reminding us of the impact of movie stars, concluding that audiences “need Maverick now more than ever.”

“Still, this buckle-up follow-up also demonstrates why we feel the need for movie stars. It goes well beyond Cruise’s rah-rah involvement in what amounts to a glorified U.S. military recruitment commercial (the 1986 film might have been as perfectly calibrated as a Swiss watch, but it wasn’t subtle about its GI Joe agenda). It’s the way we identify with the guy when he’s doing what most of us thought impossible. Turns out we need Maverick now more than ever.”

Matt Donatio of IGN was equally enamored by the way that Top Gun: Maverick builds on its predecessor and delivers white-knuckle action saying, “Maverick is back to his old tricks in Top Gun: Maverick, which flies higher as a sequel that delivers spectacular action with an afterburner punch.” While David Rooney from THR once again landed praise on lead Tom Cruise and his obvious commitment saying, “No one is going to dispute that he works hard in this movie, justifying the labor of love. But no one is going to come out of it concerned for his self-esteem, either.”

Top Gun: Maverick Has Been Given Perfect Scores by Several Critics

Finally, Jamie Graham of Games Radar leveled another perfect score of 5/5 at Top Gun: Maverick, applauding Cruise and Joseph Kosinski for fashioning “an expertly crafted, thunderously enjoyable and surprisingly emotional blockbuster.”

“No cynicism, just on-point sentiment and scintillating set-pieces. TG:M scores a direct hit on its twin targets of nostalgia and adrenaline.”

Top Gun: Maverick picks up after more than thirty years since the release of the first Top Gun, and finds Pete “Maverick” Mitchell training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialized mission the likes of which no living pilot has ever seen.

Top Gun: Maverick will be theatrically released on May 27, 2022, by Paramount Pictures.

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