Werewolf by Night Reportedly Wraps Filming, Still No Official Announcement by Marvel

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Werewolf by Night is expected to appear in a Halloween Special later this year, but despite wrapping filming, it is yet to be officially announced.

Marvel fans have grown accustomed to very long shooting schedules over the last couple of years thanks to the Covid pandemic, but it seems that things have been returning back to normal very quickly for Marvel Studios. It has been suggested that just a few weeks after Disney+ Halloween Special centering on Werewolf by Night started principle photography, it has now wrapped ahead of the supposed release in October 2022.

The strange thing about this Halloween Special is that while there have been a number of reports about who and what may be appearing in the hour-long show, along with casting news, there has still been no official announcement of the special or its premiere date by Marvel Studios. While this is nothing that uncommon in the grand scheme of things, with secrecy being expected with anything linked to the MCU, pretty much everything else that is set to arrive in the next year has been officially announced in some way.

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There have also been some conflicting reports about exactly what the Special will be called, although it was confirmed months ago that Gael Garcia Bernal will be playing Werewolf by Night and more recently was reported that Laura Donnelly will be appearing as Elsa Bloodstone – not Vampire by Night as previously thought. Now according to the list of TV shows and movies that are currently filming in Georgia, Buzzcut – the working title for Werewolf by Night – is no longer an ongoing concern, suggesting that filming has wrapped.

Werewolf By Night Follows Moon Knight As A Supernatural Marvel Project

Although there is very little concrete known about the Werewolf by Night project, it has been on the radar for a long while now. Although for a short time the working title was reportedly for James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, this was debunked by the director himself, leading to it then being attributed to the Halloween Special instead.

There are a lot of darker projects coming to the MCU in the next few years, seemingly starting with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and also taking into account the introduction of Blade, and the current Disney+ series, Moon Knight. All of these projects lean into a supernatural/horror genre that the MCU has only previously hinted at and never really delved into, but that is clearly changing.

While there is nothing at all known about what could be coming in the Halloween Special, there are many who believe that one of Marvel’s expanding storylines will lead to the formation of the Midnight Sons, a group that has included many Marvel characters including Strange, Moon Knight, Blade, The Punisher and Werewolf by Night among others. With recent reports suggesting Laura Donnelly could be bringing Elsa Bloodstone to the party very soon, the eventual Midnight Sons formation seems like a very viable prospect at this moment in time and with a bit of luck, Marvel Studios could reveal all in the not too distant future. For now, though, we can only continue to speculate as more rumors come down the line.

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