Ziwe Season 2: What Will the Late-Night Talk Show Bring Next?

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It has been confirmed that Ziwe is officially renewed for season 2. This is a Showtime late-night variety series based on the life and YouTube and Instagram Live series called Baited with Ziwe with comedian Ziwe Fumudoh. Ziwe season 1 is quite popular since it featured Ziwe’s trademark biting satire and those uncomfortable but hilarious interrogations of social issues and race. It is a part-musical, part-sketch, and part-interview show that established this comedian as a huge force in this genre, which is why it was renewed for a second season.

“This show has exceeded my wildest imagination thanks to my brilliant cast, crew, and iconic guests. I am famously delighted to continue my collaboration with Showtime and A24,” as stated by Ziwe in a statement following the official news of the renewal of her show. If you have watched her show before, you have already seen her interview celebrities like Eboni K. of the Real Housewives of New York City fame and even Gloria Steinem. Ziwe is known to effortlessly juggle sensitive topics like social activism and politics with pop culture. What makes her stand apart from the rest is her trademark pastel eyeliner and drop-dead gorgeous wardrobe.

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Given how epic season 1 was, it is obvious that our expectations for the second season are even higher now. Fans are extremely eager to watch which iconic guests Ziwe will be interviewing on her show next. However, let’s give you a rundown on everything we know so far about Showtime’s late-night variety series’ upcoming season.

What Will Season 2 Bring?

As we mentioned earlier, Ziwe is a true variety show. The first season featured everything you could imagine, from comedy sketches to musical performances and, of course, sit-down interviews with celebrities. So, trying to figure out the potential events of the second season can be a bit difficult since absolutely anything is possible on this show. We can say for certain that we will continue seeing the comedian pushing the boundaries of the cultural satire incorporated into late-night TV and engaging in hilariously uncomfortable discussions with her guests.

“This is a variety show in the truest sense of the word, because there’s music, guests, field pieces, sketches and fake commercials, I am just making important work that is hopefully funny, so the show is what you interpret, it fits into several genres. It’s stretching the definition of what comedy means,” as stated in her interview with Deadline. It is clear with this statement that we can expect to see her tackle the most uncomfortable issues with great honesty and hilarity. In another interview with InStyle magazine, she says, “I hope that my show introduces the idea that while talking about race and social issues is uncomfortable, ultimately you won’t die.”

Since Ziwe is a variety talk show, the only confirmed cast is Ziwe herself. The first season saw some big names like Patti Harrison, Phoebe Bridgers, Bowen Yang, and even politicians like Stacey Abrams and Andrew Yang. With an even bigger second season on the way, we expect to see even more prominent names. Whoever comes on this show, we hopefully won’t have to wait too long to enjoy some more provocative and hilarious Ziwe moments.

When Will We See Season 2 Drop?

From what we know so far, the second season of Ziwe will be slightly different from the first season. Season 1 was filmed within just 15 days in February 2021. It featured six episodes that debuted on the network on May 9, 2021, and concluded on June 13, 2021. The second season is already a bit different, as there will reportedly be 12 episodes in total this time and they will be longer compared to the previous season. Furthermore, the season will be split into two different installments. When the second season will be written and filmed is extremely unclear at this point, mainly because of how busy Ziwe is with her other commitments.

At present, Ziwe is penning down a book of essays titled The Book of Ziwe. The book is scheduled to release sometime this fall. In addition, she is also busy with Amazon in the process of creating a comedy show called The Nigerian Princess. You would think it would end there, but from what we learned from Variety, Ziwe is also currently working on recording new original music. Given the fact that the second season will be broken into two parts, we can expect Ziwe to start writing and filming the first half of the upcoming season soon and hope to release it later this year.

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